Sunday, January 1, 2012

View from the Left Coast by a Lefty: Ramblings and Happy New Year

View from the Left Coast by a Lefty:  Ramblings and Happy New Year

CJ Hood kicked the holidays with a great post. Got me thinking about a lot of shit Philly oriented. Some good, some not so good. But that's what's so great about being Bunted, cuz nobody knows what's good or bad really. So this is basically the ramblings of the old fat bastid out in AZ, who wishes(especially today through Monday) that he was back home in Philly (well, Cherry Hill... the best part of Philly) this holiday season. Just to be clear, I say Merry Christmas and NOT Happy Holidays. Now that that's out of the way...

Dealing with Christmas and the winter meetings, did this year suck or what? The Miami Gay Boys made big cash ripples and Ozzie ran his mouth. Big whoop, maybe + 5 games in the win column. ATL did zippo, ditto the Mutts. The Nationals seem to try to be copying RAJ in large and small deals but were not standing still. I think our bench is better now than at any time last year. I sometimes lose sleep wondering if Howard will ever be the same again. I'm sure his Achilles will heal, but will his head? I swear if they let me have him for 2 weeks I could turn him into a .290/.390/.890 hitter that would terrorize the NL. Lest you have doubts check my swing: 

That was taken in April or May 1967 my junior year. I may be old but I'll *NEVER* forget how to hit.

Ok seriously, why hasn't Madson or Fielder signed yet? I think Scot Boras should be shot dead. Next, does Ben Cherington (the new Red Sox GM) think he's Billy Beane by grabbing Bailey at a bargain price? Bobby Valentine ain't gonna do a damn thing. I thought they shot Moneyball already? Why haven't the Spankees done shit yet? Or does anybody even care what happens in the junior circuit? I don't... I'm with Crash... I believe in long, slow, deep, wet kisses that last 3 days. Especially if it's with Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Angie Harmon, or Sasha Gray. Another thing that worries me(since I live out here) is why haven't the Dbacks done squat except sign Jason Kubel who really isn't gonna make a difference? Does Gibby think they're that strong? Is this an indictment of most of MLB? Am I just a paranoid old bastid or a FB fraud? Are these enough questions for New Year's Eve?

Let me say this... the Flyers Alumni Game rocked. BERNIE! BERNIE! So glad Lindros got a standing O. Was it just me or did the Flyers have THAT many more elite players in their history than the Rangers did, in half as long a history? I am SO stoked for the Winter Classic, and my Giroux WC jersey arrived 2 days ago. I'll be front row center at Upper Deck Sports Grill Monday morning with my son. Nothing like a bacon, ham, and cheese omelet before pounding cold Bud Lights to get ready to kick some Ranger ass. Am I forgetting anything? Oh shit... Wriz I am gonna put in for 6/4-6/6 off to try and make that tailgate thing against the Gay Boys. If I get there, the rest of you Bunters have no damn excuse.

Since I am clicking send at 11:47pm 12/31, let me say Happy New Year to all Bunters and their friends.

                Bill S aka netfather

P.S. - who the fuck is gonna come out in April to watch the Phils here with me??  ;)

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