Wednesday, February 8, 2012

State of the Bunts Address

Hola! Housekeepin!

While today won’t be a full boar Wriz Wednesday, I just wanted to let everyone know we’ll be back in full force within the next month or so. A couple of times, I sat down to write a piece but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was going to do a piece on the Winter Classic experience, but when I saw the TBS #postseason advertisement still on the OF wall I felt just as disappointed as I did back in April. Maybe I need to see the boys of summer back in uniform, who knows?

So anyways, we have so great things planned for the upcoming season. Unlike the Phillies, we plan to get better each and every year. We will be having a Phillies Bunts Fantasy Baseball Invitational League. If you’re interested, shoot me an email plus a few more yet to be announced contests.

CJ Hood will be bringing his stand-up tour to Philadelphia for a rare local appearance. He'll be at Curran’s in NE Philly on March 24th. Kornhole is producng the gig. The show is a television taping. Advanced tickets are required. Again, just email for more info.

The Bunts are also looking for additional writers in case DB29 decides to branch out and do a blog on the auto industry or trade shows. You know the drill…email.

Lastly, our second annual meet and greet will be on June 3rd against the Miami Marlins. We have a few game tickets left if you’d like to join us in the game. The tickets are $39 each. We promise to bail you out if things get out of hand like last year, but so we don’t end up on Judge Joe Brown again your bond is a loan not a gift.

Ten days until Aces and Chooch! I feel a little better already!

See ya at Spring Training!

Jay Wrizight


  1. DB & Wriz are doing a rare ventriloquist act...where there's 2 dummies.

  2. Count me in for the CJ Hood/Kornhole show! Can't wait, let's get this season rollin'. This is the Fightin' Phils last chance with this group. Let's make it bookend WS Champs!

  3. Ayyyeeee Ohhhhh,

    the Phillies Bunts blog is back and so is the Raguz. Another season of baseball, bitches, broccoli rabe, bracciole, beers, and ballyhoo, just like Sunday dinner at Raguz. See you soon stunodz.

    -B.I.G. Ragu