Sunday, February 12, 2012

View from the Left Coast by a Lefty - Only 6 Days...

 Sorry to brag but it’s 82 degrees here right now, all windows are open, and I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt. If I gave a shit about Seattle I could be out in Peoria watching pitchers and catchers today. So much for that, eh? Six days til Aces and Chooch report, and when they do my FB profile pic will go from my Flyers jersey to my batting pic from high school until the season starts. Had such hopes for the Flyers this year, but Bryz let me and everyone else down. I saw him at his best 2 years ago, dunno what happened. Anyway doesn't matter much anymore, they are the Rangers' bitches and this season is about over.

Wriz and DB hopped on the early train, and it kinda got me going. One week from today when I walk out to my car I will be treated to the POP POP POP of catcher's mitts, unfortunately it’ll be the SF Giants. But then again, none of you will hear that beautiful sound walking out of *YOUR* front doors. :) During this past week, I have had the opportunity to speak to several people in Clearwater for work. Being IT and after fixing their problems I told them I was jealous of them, if only for a month. When I explained about the Phils, two people actually offered to put me up in their houses if I was able to make it out there. One offered to pick up tickets for a game even. I was stunned and speechless that strangers would offer things like that. I guess working for Wells Fargo, with their total team concept, is more than just advertising fodder for billboards. So next time you walk into a Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia) bank in Philly, it might not hurt to check into their services, especially their mortgages which is my specialty right now.

Gaa I can't believe I said that.  Inside of 2 weeks the whole team will be in FL. Actually, right this minute, best I can figure from news reports is that close to half the active roster of 40 is already in Clearwater. This is not even counting non-roster invitees. My offer to Ryan Howard on my New Years Eve post still stands, to turn him back into the MVP hitter he was in 2006. To Cliff Lee and Hollywood, I offer to teach you the Steve Carlton killer pickoff move that was taught to me back in the late 60's by my high school pitching coach who pitched for the Red Sox. To any and all bunters who may be able to make it out here when the Phillies are in town from 4/23-4/25 let me know and I'll snag tix. Right now I have 4/25 pegged for myself and my 4 kids to go to the daytime getaway game.  But as for spring training I'm off the last week in March, where I'll attend at least one Dbacks game at the newest, most awesome spring training venue in MLB, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Just happens to also be less than a mile down the road from Casino Arizona at Talking Stick resort, complete with casino and golf course. Sucks to live in AZ right? Oh yeah, a good friend from TX will be out that week and we'll take in at least one Ranger game (for him).

Some quick last takes.... first I think our bench is mo'betta than at any time last year. Second, I think with all of the arms assembled for spring training our bullpen can't help but be better. Third, Vanimal is entrenched at #4, but is better than a 4. I also truly believe Blanton will come back to be the pitcher he was when we traded for him and that KK is finally due to win at The Bank and not only on the road. Questions? Slams? Fuck yous? There's a place to reply below.  ;)

Let's all get bunted! And will *ANY* of you join me here in April?

                                                Bill S aka/netfather


  1. Ayyyeeee Ohhhhh,

    the Phillies Bunts blog is back and so is the Raguz. Another season of baseball, bitches, broccoli rabe, bracciole, beers, and ballyhoo, just like Sunday dinner at Raguz. See you soon stunodz.

    -B.I.G. Ragu

  2. Nice Bill! Spring Training baseball is the bomb so I'm told. Glad to hear you get to see some, even if it's Cactus League.

  3. Why can't you get back in the Philly area for the Phillies Bunts Meet & Greet?