Saturday, March 30, 2013

View from the Left Coast by a Lefty: Game on

View from the Left Coast by a Lefty: Game on

For the first time in a lot of years, Opening Day is not grabbing me by the throat and demanding my absolute attention. I mean really, who the fuck wants to watch the Rangers and Astros? The Astros, whose combined salary is $4MIL less than what Aroid makes. That certainly denotes a wealth of talent right? MLB must be smokin crack to start a season like that. Instills the faith of baseball fans worldwide... NOT. But you're interested in other things like moi, so here we go.
You excited now NetFather?
First, one word describes the entire Phils' season... HEALTH. It appears they have it (knock on my head). I'll take my chances with Howard, Utley, Rollins, and Young just the way they are. Frandsen and Galvis can help cover any spot in the infield without losing much in short stints. Howard and Utley appear to be themselves again, but for how long is anyone's guess.
So we got Brown, Revere, and who in LF? Mayberry? Nix? Who the hell is Inciarte? Rube you failed us there, it's on you. 40 years ago it could have been me out there. Don't laugh it's not polite. I had a cannon and hit around .400. I was a legend in my own mind, until my arm went. Thank you selective Alzheimer's for giving me bits and pieces of the late 60's and early 70's.
I can live with Kratz for 25 games, just hope the starters can and don't miss Chooch too much. Once again who the hell is Quintero? I really wanted to see what Tommy Joseph could do but I can't fly to Reading or Allentown to watch many games. So shit.
Starting pitching looks ok, just worried about Doc. I wonder if he may have pneumonia or some shit for losing weight and being tired? Hope not, that takes a long time to shake. Cole is poised for a breakout year if he can keep his balance on the mound carrying around that butt ugly caterpillar everywhere. He looks like Dirk Diggler's gay brother, but that could work to his advantage if there are enough homophobes in the NL. Cliff Lee is poised for his 3 year cycle 3rd year to kick in and be ace like. I freakin hope so we need every inning a starter can give. Doc... there's that health word again. Wish I lived closer to really know WTF is going on with him. I hope we can depend on Kendrick and Lannan, both have been up and down this spring.
The bullpen only gets one sentence, with one adjective... OMGWTFLOL. Seriously.
So now it comes down to one last thing. Unca Chollie and Dube have to have the best years of their careers this year. No ifs, ands, or buts. No guessing and letting the talent take over like in ‘08 that just won't cut it. That said, I wish I was more religious than I am. We'll see.
Last thing, I'm thankful for the best preseason pickup they've made in 5 years... Wally Joyner. At last, a real hitting coach who actually hit for average and power in the bigs. Too bad he's not 10 years younger. And thankfully Samuel isn't coaching 3rd base.
So there you have it. After all that I think we can win 87-89 games and possibly slide into a wild card. Right now we can't ask for more than that, at least I can't. So let's get Bunted and hope the last Elite 8 game runs concurrently with the Rangers/Astros game so I'll have something to watch.
Bill S /aka netfather

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  1. Agreed on Opening Day/Night. I liked it much better when it was an all day affair on ESPN.