Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hoodwink’d ​​by cj hood


It seems that Phillies Bunts Inc has become a 2 man operation. While Netfather Bill and myself are holding things down at the office, the rest of Wu Bunts Clan is choreographing a Harlem Shake routine for M&G III. Blog production is decreasing slower than a Halladay fast ball. But, no worries, H-Double is back at that azz like Preparation-H for another ep of Hoodwink’d! Word life.



A few things have changed with our Phightans since we last spoke: D*Brown’s bat arrived, Ruff got Ruffed up & the aforementioned Halladay has entered the Witness Protection Program and now goes by ‘JC Romero.’ What the deuce? But personally, I’m kind of pleased with this team because the bats are hot. Brown, Howard, Utley & Young are producing hits likeMoTown while the rest of the gang is getting things done as well. However, the team that once had no worries on defense now seem to have more questions than answers. Since the media is riding the Gnat’s jock harder than the Broad Street Line, our D better find some answers ASAP! While Vanimal is now the new Twins #1 we’re left with doubts about our #3 and a question mark at #5. But if you remember the recent past, when we didn’t have worries on the hill, we’d still end up losing by 1 or 2 runs. Hence, with the way we’ve been hitting I’m not really worried about pitching as much as I should. I’m worried more about the outfield than anything. RAJ is rumored to be shopping for some outfield help, but I’m not sure what kind of talent is available. Other than this, there’s very little to report or comment on since Spring Training is just that…training.

Anywho, my prediction for the NL East for 2013 are as follows: Braves will win the division while our Phillies cop the Wild Card! I think the Gnats will fall off in the 2nd half like limbs on a leper. I’m more excited about this upcoming season than I have been the past 2 years. Not excited, excited like DB29 at Golden Corral on company dime…but amped none the less. I’ll be back this weekend with my annual Night Before Opening Day opus…let’s get ‘Bunted!!!

How about a few LOLZ to hold you over til Monday:

-I spilled coffee on my shirt this morning. I’m a bigger loser than the Miami Heat.

-There was so much smoke coming out of the Vatican chimney, I thought our new pope was Cheech or Chong.

-Speaking of the pope, now the Cardinals could focus on getting a quarterback.

-The problem with robbing a Chinese restaurant is a half hour later you want to rob someplace


-My dog ate my kids Legos. The next day he pooped out an airplane.

-Tiger Woods is back at being #1. At whoring.

-Last week’s snow storm was so bad even the kids who are homeschooled got out early.

-Jewish girls used to Passover me in high school, so did the Catholic girls.

-My college bball bracket has more losers than a high school chess club.

-Only in America are pizza joints run by Mexicans and themanager of the Taco Bell is named


-Let gay people get married, instead we should ban gay divorce…that’ll teach ‘em.

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  1. Calling Worley a #1 is like saying Wheels hasa nice head of hair.