Monday, February 25, 2013

On the Fence

View from the Left Coast by a Lefty - On the Fence
This is kinda early for me but since CJ has posted already what the hell. 2 games into spring training, seriously, what can you tell? Well it seems to me several small things pop up. First, I haven't decided yet on the offseason. Some good small moves, possibly dictated by the cap. We've become accustomed to big headline splashes and the wallet finally can't keep up. I must say though, WHY THE FUCK sign Delmon Young, no matter how "cheap", without giving Babe Ruf(who tore up winter ball) and Dom Brown a real fair shake? I like Revere a lot, but Chollie better swallow his pride and let him lead off. Revere has said and done all the right things since he signed. But wait til he plays at The Bank and see what REAL fans are like. If he likes the organization now, wait til the home opener. And will someone please tell him yes, the Flyers do have a black dude playing for them lol... arguably one of their top players to this point. ;)
I *LOVE* signing Mike Adams. Scratch off 8th inning setup man. That leaves Stutes and Bastardo to early situational work that they're suited for. Kudos to Bastardo for changing to his 3rd different number in as many seasons lol. I really hope Aumont is ready for some long relief, at 6'8" he should be strong enough for it. I also have hope that Dubee gets out of his fucking recliner and really pays attention to what's going on this year, and not flying by remote control like Chollie seemed to be doing too often last year.
Quick notes on Cole and Doc... neither seem to have any lingering effects of their shoulder ailments after their first starts, albeit 2 innings each. Both strong with command. Cliff, your turn today.
I agree with Doc, Cole is # 1. I just hope he embraces it as well as he did his pay check. Both had rock solid starts over the weekend. I don't agree with Doc that we need as many wins as possible in spring training to carry over to the regular season. Spring training is as much for Chollie as it is for the players. He hasn't pushed buttons as well as he did 5 years ago when the talent overrode anything he fuct up. We cannot afford that in any way, shape, or form.
Now to the meat and potatoes. Around the horn.... Michael Young is a quality guy and player. Both the Phils and he need him to return to all star form. I think he proves to the Rangers they should have kept him. I also loved how he told Eskin he was a dick for putting him on the spot in his first interview.... quote "You suck" :) He is a young 36 if there is such a term. JRoll... other than his batting average was solid last year . I believe he knows in his heart he *NEEDS* to lead by example this year. I'll reserve final judgment on him until I see him play in the WBC on 3/8 and the rest of spring training. My tix are just past the 1B dugout first row, and I won't hesitate to let him hear how I feel on anything he or Shane does lol. Now the biggest part of the situation, right side of the majors oldest infield. Chase... looks great, sounds great, rbi in his first AB. If his legs are ok, can we trust Chollie to use him right? I fugging hope so. And The Big Piece... so far so good. His
Achilles should finally be healed and if I were the batting coach I'd close up his stance some more and ... oh wait, you're tired of me saying how I could make him hit again, right? I won't let that go, I know hitting. Let me add in Yuneisky Betancourt, Galvis, and Frandsen are solid infield backups, so to move on...
Chooch, I hope you got caught recovering as opposed to supplementing. Thank God for Kratzy who can hold the fort for 25+ games. Also, I need to mention Cody Asche who should make a perm appearance sometime by the end of June.
There you have it from the desert. A lot left unsaid, but spring training just started. There is also something else not right. I haven't heard the sound of catcher's mitts popping the last couple days when I go out to my car. I guess the Giants aren't spending much time across the street like they have in the past. I mostly don't care except I want Hunter Pence to sign my #3 jersey so I can frame it lol. Oh well, my problem. Cya at the end of spring training when we can debate what happens in the next 4 weeks.
Bill S/aka netfather

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