Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No Words

View From the Left Coast by a Lefty: Got No Words
Bill needs a hug
I sit here this Sunday staring at my screen, wondering where the words will come from. While most of you were at the Meet N Greet downing beers, I was doing laundry. While you were busy snapping pics and then going into the game, I was just getting home from the grocery store. I figured at least it was game time, just *MAYBE* it might be worth watching. But then, in 6th inning, the stream broke and I never got it back. No matter, the game ended with us losing 3-2 so I missed nada. Why does this make sense?
As this season has worn on it was pretty much the same roller coaster as last year. Win a few, lose a few more, rinse and repeat. 2 weeks ago I had a glimmer of hope, sweep ATL @ ATL then win the first two in STL. I allowed myself to start thinking cool, Cliff will be back soon and Asche is hot. Then reality set in... lose 8 of the next 10 and get swept 4 at home by ATL. This season is just about over in Philly and I can't get by that thought. So this piece may well be my swan song.
Before you throw things at me, let me say the Phillies are my team now until I die. They have been since 1958. But after 56 years I've seen the entire gamut with them. My only regret is never seeing them in a World Series game. After today, I have to wonder if I'm going to live long enough to see them in another World Series, because the prospects appear dim at the moment. We are old, slow, and rangeless in the field. At the plate.... BAH HUMBUG! Howard has been up 97 times with runners in scoring position and is batting a cool .232. This inspires greatness NOT. Rollins, since passing Schmidt for the all time lead, has returned to king of the popup. Even Utley, after April he can't be hitting more than .260 because he's barely at .290 now. Don't get me wrong, he should still be the all star 2B and always gives 110%. But people, without these guys in their heyday, and role players like we *USED* to have, we are exactly where we belong... at the bottom of the division. The farm is pretty much bare, with one of the brighter hopes leaving baseball apparently because of his mental state. Seriously where do we go from here? It's getting more difficult to watch them every day, even without streams breaking mid game.
Wriz and CJ, I apologize for lack of production this year. It's just that for every slight glimmer we see, it's followed by a deep dark storm of insanity... both on the field and in the front office. Even the most novice fan can see we're fuct with our pants up, the worst possible way. I don't know if or when I may be able to write another piece of substance again this season. It's gonna take a big turn of events for that to happen, and at this moment I have no more words either way.
                                                                Bill S aka/netfather
Bet Howard doesn't need Bill to hit that!

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