Monday, May 9, 2016

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On the Wagon


Last week I got called out by seasoned ‘Buntamaniac Joe Stratton as being a ‘bandwaggoner.’  However, A. That is not the case and B. 99.9% of what I put on social media is tongue n cheek.  Irregardless (not a real word), that got me thinking.  How many more comeback wins, series wins and/or Gomez saves will it take to put assess back in the (CB Park) seats and cause people to start buying Phillies gear at their local Walmart again?  Like I’ve penned before, we started this blog the year the squad began their steady decline, so we’ve never got to experience the surge of fandom that put so many P’s on peoples’ hats & chests.  Hence, if Joe, Robin and Carmine Ragusa decided to vacation the same week…Buntamania Land would have to close it’s doors.  But will this current run be the one to cause casual phans to dust off the Phillies hats they’ve had in their closets since 2012?  Maybe.  If we sweep out the Braves in Atlanta will that get 5 more Buntamaniacs to show up to Meet & Greet VI in June?  Doubtful.

Yes, we are good or at least better than expected.  At 18-14 we’re 3rd in our division, but would be 2nd in most other divisions and first place in the NL West.  Fans are excited as well as the players while the media warns us daily not to get too excited.  Why?  I want to get excited.  It’s been too long!  Ding dong Harrang is dead!  Nola’s an ace!  There I said it.  Vinny from Philly might be to.  I love Hernandez, Neris and of course Gomez.  Giles who? Dude spoke like Frankenstein…no offense to Jewish monsters.  Tyler Goeddel’s coming around, Blanco got heat off the bench and Chooch seems to have found the fountain of youth.  And we finally found our lead-off guy El Torito.  Even Ryan Howard’s HR tally is ahead of schedule.  Needless to say, I’m more excited than a hopped-up Jesse Spano on diet pills.  Word to your final exams!


So let’s bring it back down to Earth for our resident naysayers.  Yes, we don’t hit enough.  Yes, we don’t score enough.  Franco’s swinging for the fences and it’s not paying off.  Morton is out for the year.  Eickhoff is so-so.  And the outfield corners can’t hit. 

But, but, but…

Bourjis might hit like D*Brown, but his glove makes up for it.  I think Eickhoff will come around and Morton wasn’t lighting the world on fire to begin with.  Franco still has pop and I feel things will get better, but most importantly we’re winning.  Stop telling us we need to score more!  We’re beating teams we should be beating (sans St. Louis); we’ve swept the ‘Gnats and are even with the Mets.  We’re 2 games out of first, we have the #1 pick in the draft and it won’t be long til Nick Williams & JP Crawford will be sporting red pin stripes.  Moral of the story kids is…things are looking good and they’re only going to get better!  So tell your girl who doesn’t know the difference between Ryan & Ron Howard; and the CPA who uses Phils tix to woo his clients that the Phightans are back!!!  But make sure they trade in their Victorino shirsey for a Herrera and they know the difference between a Nola and a Franco.  Otherwise, they risk at getting clowned by a nonbandwaggoner like myself. 

The Braves only have 1 win at home....let's get 'bunted!!!

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