Sunday, May 29, 2016

Should The Phillies be Buyers?

The future is bright and a lot closer then anyone thought. Look at the line up and you can see it. Franco, Oddball, and Joseph. Look at the starting rotation and you can see it. Nola, Vinnie, and Eickoff. Look at the prospects list...Crawford, Thompson, Williams, Appel, Randolph, Alfaro, etc. Look at where the Phightens are drafting in 2 weeks...the top pick.

The question was brought up on other sites, should the Phightens become buyers if they are still close at the end of July? I give this an emphatic HELL NO. Why give up ANY of these prospects? What are you really going to get? Three months of some overpaid, under-achieving "star". Only way I would even think about it is if Ruf were the key-player in the trade.

Continue on the path they have laid out...develop those prospects and keep them. Leave them on the farm until September and then throw them into the mix.

I wouldn't even go into next years FA market. The Phightens will have their three largest contracts coming off the books at the end of this year, Howard, Ruiz, and Harrison. In my most humble opinion, you only go to the FA market if you are looking for that piece that is going to bring you a parade down Broad Street. The Phightens will be even more competitive next year but not parade ready. Parade year will be 2018. Hit the FA market after the 2017 season. After all these kids get a full year in the show, you will know exactly what your needs are for the parade.

The new front office of MacNofail and Halftanked, needs not to be swayed by the media and fans (the bandwagon fans will be the loudest) and stick to their guns. ‪#‎paradein2018‬


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