Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Everybody's Hurt

The Wriz is in a crappy mode, when the Wriz is in a crappy he sings his troubles away.

Everybody Phil Gets Hurt

The offseason's long, then comes March.
Spring training's here again.

When you’re sure no one else can get hurt.
There's another.

Don’t give up on them yet. Everybody cries & everybody hurts
this time.

Sometimes everything goes wrong.
Now its time to sing along.
When pitching is all you have  (Hold on, hold on)

If you feel like letting go(hold on)
When you think Rubes done enough, well hang on.

Utley's always hurt.
Take comfort in your fans.
Is Howard really hurt?
Don't show your hand. Oh no.
Don't show your hand.
If you feel like your all alone, no, there's the Braves

Jimmy’s on his own, on the field. Polly & the guy with the dreads are done. When you think you’ve had too much of this team, hang on.

Well, almost every Phil is hurt this time.
Phillies nation cries.
Only time before an ace gets hurt.
So pitch on, pitch on.
Pitch on, pitch on, pitch on, pitch on, pitch on, pitch on.
(repeat & fade)

(Everybody’s hurt. Jimmy’s all alone)

Big ups to CJ Hood for his musical guidance.

See ya at the record store. I'll be in the emo section.

Jay Wrizight

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  1. At least Howard is out of his boot. Nice job Wriz.