Saturday, March 31, 2012

View From the Left Coast by a Lefty: Home Stretch

View From the Left Coast by a Lefty: Home Stretch

Why is it this year that March has lost some of its sparkle? Even the NCAA's don't have the same grip to them as past years. The Giants have not spent much time across the street practicing there as in past years. I miss the sounds. But, most importantly, Clearwater doesn't seem the same. Crowds are there sure, but the feeling in the air has morphed into trepidation rather than enthusiasm.

Three weeks ago, I was all fired up. The only negative was Howard not playing until May. But that exploded and some people now think it could be close to All Star time before he comes back. Our new middle LB though gives me hope, Ryans had the same type injury and he's come back strong even though he's a few years younger than Ry Ry. Then there's the Valdez trade... that worked out well didn't it? Martinez breaks his foot and RAJ publicly said he wished he hadn't traded him. OH REALLY RUBE? How many saves was Mini Mart gonna get? He hit what, .015 better than Valdez, and can't play the positions Valdez could, nor as well? Then, we get to Chase. I really want to cry here, because 2B and the 3 hole are *SO* important to this team. I don't know what to think honestly, except maybe we should fit Utley for the bench coach role because he does know the game. This brings up some buzz I heard the last day or so, namely trading Blanton for Theriot or Fontenot... *NO, NO, FUCKING NO*!!! I am truly convinced Blanton is gonna have a big year. He's lighter, throwing harder with command, and just looks like he did when we got him. What do we do for a 2B? I dunno, but if the Phils want to put me on payroll I'll figure it out before next weekend and throw a party.

Saving the worst for last, I am so disappointed in Dom Brown, already farmed out. Who amongst you NOW wouldn't have included him in a trade last year for a bat? The guy can't play LF, arguably the easiest position in baseball. LF is where your worst outfielder plays, aka Raul and Luzinski, because they have the smallest ground to cover and the shortest throws. You save your speedster for CF (Shane, Gary Maddox in his prime) who also, hopefully, have a gun. Then you have RF, where you play your *BEST* outfielder with best arm, think Pence, Werth, Callison as Phils and Clemente and Ichiro as examples (imagine that, I also played RF when I wasn't pitching LOL).

I surely hope the pen shakes out in reality as it does in my mind, because our starters are going to think they're playing for Nolan Ryan with all the innings they'll have to log to keep us in 2-1 and 3-2 games. The pen will have to hold those small leads, nuff said. Thank God Vanimal looks to be a beast because he's going to have to throw at least 200 innings. KK buddy, please be ready cuz we need you badly, and need you to win AT HOME for a change.

So, now you all know why I started drinking at 10:30am this morning, alternating between rum and cokes and ice picks. First time in 6-7 years I'm a bit worried at this point in time. Maybe it's for a reason, maybe it's for naught, but I am as spoiled as all of you and my expectations are just as high. I'm now going to do something I normally don't do, and it's just for you Wriz. YOU ASKED FOR IT... lol.

PREDICTIONS, 2012 style:

- Kentucky wins the NCAA tourney and Calipari will go back to the pros to prove to himself he can win there

- Dexter will again prove to be the best all time cable tv show

- Trevor Bauer comes up to Dbacks early May, wins ROTY

- Diamond Girl will submit a piece by 4/3 because this one pissed her off... closely followed by CJ Hood because we haven't been Hoodwinked lately

- Freddy Galvis will assimilate 2B and prove he's really a major leaguer

- DB29 will finally answer the question of whether or not I can catch a ride to the meet'n'greet with him because I called him out publicly <ducking>

- Phils starters will have a combined ERA of under 2.95 because they HAVE TO

- Wriz will post this piece from his phone because he's at Woody's... again <really ducking now>

- On 4/25, when I'm at Phils/Dbacks game, you guys will see my Phillies Bunts sign behind the Phils dugout by the 5th inning

- American Idol will *FINALLY* fucking die

- RAJ will not make a major move at the trading deadline, stunning us all

- And the one you're all waiting for: Phils will struggle early until Chollie decides on his real lineup, but by Sept 18 will be in position to put the hammer on the NL East for the 6th year in a row. I need another drink.

Let's get Bunted, and cya at the meet'n'greet on June 3rd.

Bill S aka/netfather


  1. ***Editors Note**** CJ Hood heard he was about to be called out publicly and grabbed a pen and his loose leaf book thus his latest Hoodwink'd was published yesterday.

  2. Nice Bill. 6/3 Yes!!!!

  3. That was me....Robin

  4. What is a DB29? ~~Koko B. Ware

    1. Its similar to what Frankie leaves on your shoulder bro.