Friday, March 30, 2012

We Are Hood-in-i

Hoodwinked by cj hood
We Are Hood-in-i

Last season, as the Phils were closing in on their 102 record wins, I told my wife 3 things: I'm getting a Phillies tatt after they win the WS, I'm going to the parade and“only if that's ok with you honey princess. Needless to say, the Phils fell harder than Lindsay Lohan and my dreams were crushed. As the Phils have made a steady decline since their WS win in '08, the rest of the NL East has gotten stronger. Last year, I predicted they would win the division, but get knocked out in the first round...I was spot on. With Howard out til at least June and no more Utley (ya, I said it), things are looking bleak for our Phightans. This year, I predict the 'Nats will capture the NL East and the Phils will win the Wild Card only, again, to be knocked out in the first round.


Here are some other predictions & LOLz from the great Hood-in-i
-Chase WILL NOT play this season and retire in December.
-Kendrick will be part of the starting rotation by All Star break.
-Bernie Madoff is to the Mets as the Big Mac is to DB29.
-Pence will lead the team in homeruns.
-If I win the Mega Millions I’m buying Netfather Bill a cd player, so he’d only be 20 years
behind the times.
-The Houdini Museum is located in Scranton, PA.
-I got more laughs drafting Worley in my fantasy league than I did at Curran's last wknd.
-Eugene looks like the son of Dusty Hill and the Lucky Charms leprechaun.
-The ‘Bunts Meet & Greet II menu features cold roast beef sandwiches that taste like
urinal cakes.
-Howard will play more games than Polanco.
-new Dodgers owner Magic Johnson bought the entire team new bat bags that havecover your wood” embroidered on them.
-Word is Joe Blanton got kicked out of the Ritz 5 for eating wings during the noon
showing of Hunger Games.
-Whodini is known for such classics as Freaks Come Out At Night & 5 Minutes of Funk.
-Tebow’s the worst thing to happen to jets in NY since 9/11.
-If I win the Mega Millions, I’m buying Diamond Girl a date with Chase.


-Opening day @ Citi Field is ‘hat day.’ A hat will be passed around in the stands to help
the Mets make payroll.
-I think Diamond & Chevy Chase will make a cute couple.
-RAJ will show Hamels the money…Victorino, not so much.
-Spencer’s is selling fake Ryan Braun urine for all your testing needs.
-I hope the Wriz doesn’t wear that new ‘Bunts hoodie around George Zimmerman.
-Facebook is better than Twitter…there I said it!
-Hamels, Lee & Doc….in that order.
-In honor of Juan Pierre making the team, Chickie’s & Pete’s is selling a BBQ flavored
-If I win the Mega Millions, I’m buying Kornhole a universal remote.
-the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is making Jerry Sandusky an honorary deacon.
-We’ll see what kind of chess player Cholly is finagling this bench with his injured
-The Indians who run the 7-11 on Cecil B Moore Ave could beat the Cleveland Indians.
-Papelbon’s theme song should be Parkside 52 by Schoolly D.
-Santorum wants to ban internet porn…4 more years of Obama it is!
-Opening Day is less than a week away……let’s get ‘bunted!!!


  1. Funny...but the Archdiocese one was in poor taste...don't give that sleezeball anymore exposure then he's already had.

  2. ^^^That is funny, the 'Sandusky made an honorary deacon' actually made me LOL!

  3. Dis whole blog is in bad taste, justa like ur face.

    -the Big Raguski

  4. Meet N Greet is NOT being catered by Kornhole so the Urinal cake Roast Beef is a no go mang