Sunday, June 17, 2012


View from the Left Coast by a Lefty: Disgusted

Just finished watching Cliff not get a win in his 11th start. I'm almost beside myself, but now my anger goes in a different direction. There was no excuse for the Phils to not win that game. He should have come out after the first batter top 8. So now the question is who's fucking fault is it... Chollie's or Dubee's? I assume Chollie has the last say but don't know for sure. I also said last time I'd speak up on pitching. Well now is the time.

Who (beside me) predicted Blanton would come back and actually resemble the guy we traded for? Who (NOT ME) ever thought Doc would get hurt? *Nobody* could have predicted Cliff Lee winless on 6/15. I think Vanimal has held up his end as well. KK? Basically same old up/down and can't win at home. Hollywood has been the only dependable piece. This pretty much equates to their record of 31-36. Even though DB29 got a late start, in preseason he did predict the Phils to be 41-46 at the All Star break. But he also predicted Utley and Howard coming back and in Sept after jelling they make a charge and win the division for a 6th straight year. I wish, but can't see it.

Guess which 2 can't coach

So where does the problem(s) lie? Right now I blame the coaching staff, who this year have actually had to make decisions that affect games. I blame, in order, 1) Unca Chollie because he can't rely on past performances to get the job done. 2) Rich Dubee... if you are advising Unc on pitching changes it looks like you don't have a clue on what you're roster pitchers can actually do. 3) Base coaches... mostly Juan Samuel who has cost them single handedly 3 games sending runners home and also Sam Perlozzo, who is definitely no Davey Lopes, no help to runners trying to steal, and just standing there at 1B with his thumb up his ass getting runners into scoring position. Right now this team is just sad, deserving of their position in the NL East.

 Are we having fun yet? I'm fucking not. I'm having enough trouble sleeping at night without a 31-36 team invading my personal time with no answer in sight. You guys may have laughed when I said previously that I would take 2 weeks and teach Howard how to hit again like he did 5 years ago, and offered to Lee and Hamels to teach them the Carlton pickoff move. Well now I add to this teaching Dubee how to use his pen, because Qualls AIN'T NO 8TH INNING GUY, he should be released. And then again, who the hell is actually in the pen now? Where do I get the idea I know what to do? I only played baseball for 25 years. Was all state as pitcher and outfielder in same season in NJ. I had the most excellent coaches my entire life, learning the fundamentals every player should know. But does it really matter my qualifications, when all of you are thinking the same thing? FML.

Thankfully a neighbor just came back from Mexico, and brought me a bottle of Centenario  and we're doing tequila shots. This stuff makes Patron taste like shit, and is only $5 for a 750ml. You East Coast people can pay outrageous amounts, and I don't apologize for it lol. Maybe after a bottle or two I can come up with a better solution, but right now I swear the Phillies should hire me.

So to quote CJ and Wriz, let's get bunted... and here's to Utley, Howard, and Nix coming off the DL and continuing what they did today.


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  1. Stay by you're phone Netfather, it's gonna ring any day now. The same day Andy Reid has a press conference without a throat clear. The same day Wheels fails to say 'no doubles defense'. The same day Qualls has a 1-2-3 inning. You get the picture.