Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So Annoying

I guess with the Phillies’ current state a lot of things have been getting under the Wriz’ skin. Pet peeves seem so much more annoying. Annoying people are about to feel the wrath of a “Postal” Wriz. People I hate should just steer clear if I am holding sharp objects.

It became abundantly obvious when I offered a free ticket the Phillies game this past Sunday to anyone who wanted it. Someone’s response was, “What section is the seat in?” It’s in the fucking stadium, and better yet it’s next to yours truly. You should be honored to receive such an offer.

Some other things that are testing my last nerve:

Chase and Ryan are “close.” Yeah they’re in Clearwater but Ryan’s not running and Chase isn’t fielding. I guess their definition of close and mine are different. To the Wriz, close means Luna and Fontenot are drawing straws for Lehigh Valley.

Kids kicking the back of my seat. By all means bring your kids they should be able to enjoy the game but when your kid are doing their rendition of Metallica’s One on the back of my seat and you get “the look” either tell them to stop or take them for a walk. And you best not give in and get them no cotton candy.

Charlie’s gut feelings. I’m not expecting Moneyball from Manuel but if he’s not going to use stats and track records maybe he needs to quit the NutriSystem and get a better gut.

Umbrellas. The last 3 games I’ve been to its rained. Yo, its water. Don’t block my view or stab me in the face because you’re too effing retarded to open and close it. Man up or get a poncho.

Speed Pitch. Maybe that’s why so many kids have been kicking my seat. Screw Chickies.

Phillies doing commercials. Is it me or every time a Phillie does a commercial, he hits the shitter. Hamels did all those after they won in 08. His 09 was terrible. Ryan does Subway and rips his foot in half. Now Shane (AAA) and Hunter (Liscios) have been subpar. Although, next time I drop acid I’m watching Hunter’s on a loop.

Angelo Cataldi. I didn’t listen to sports radio for like 8 years because they usually talk about some stupid non-sports related bullshit. For real, I listen Angelo and he sounds like he knows less than the people I mock. He should troll some facebook chatrooms to learn a bit more. The Fanatic 97.5 drew me back in has been good and I should just stick to that.

Wheels. No explanation necessary.

Small ball. Well, actually the Phillies lack of getting better at it.

Fat Joe and Shane. Do they know it’s a contract year? Chooch does. Which reminds me….

Chooch 4th in AS voting. Get moving people. If Chooch isn’t an All-star I’m shutting down the blog for good. There’s no justice and you just don’t care.

See ya at the ballpark! Just don’t kick my seat or there’s hell to pay!

Jay Wrizight

Feel free to comment your pet peeves. It’s the first step of recovery.

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  1. They moved Chickies & Petes to help with traffic flow. Now they have a line that crosses Ashburn Alley instead running parallel to it. Nice job! Now you need to cut the line every time you walk anywhere.