Monday, June 18, 2012

Double Down!

Cliff Lee Stinks!

Another Cliff Lee start, another Phillies loss. Another 4 run lead, another no decision for Cliff Lee. I thought elite pitchers were supposed to hold leads? Phillies fans have all the excuses for Lee, "He's snake bit...He is getting no run support...etc." I'm done with the excuses. If he could have held a 4 run lead last October, the Cards get swept by the Phils. If the same thing happened to Cole Hamels he would probably be run out of town. Cliff Lee gets a pass of Utley proportions. He picked us over the Yankees, I get it. I would just like to see us get our $120 million dollars worth. Right now he is looking very Barry Zito-esque.

In his last start, Lee was in a good position to win his first game. The Phils gave him a 3 run lead early. In the 4th he got a close call to go his way on a double play ball. Ok, after further review Hector Luna held the bag. 2 outs, nobody on. He walks Mark Reynolds, no biggie, still 2 outs. Steve Pearce doubles. 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs. Up comes Steve Tolleson, Tolleson is 4 for 7 vs Lee with 3 doubles. First base is open and Endy Chavez is on deck. Chavez is hitting a whopping .170, he has no pop and he's a left hand hitter. Lee quickly gets ahead of Tolleson 0-2. His 3rd offering is borderline outside, a perfect 0-2 pitch that could have been called a strike. Ball 1. With a 1-2 count Lee serves up a meatball right down Broadway. 3 run bomb. A 3 run lead is gone like the last pizza slice in the Blanton household.


Cliff Lee is not the choir boy everyone thinks he is. I have it on good information that he frequents Chester quite often. He likes poker, no problem with that. He dropped 12 and 15 large in consecutive sessions. That's probably like $20 bucks to us working stiffs. It could be nothing or it could blow up to something big. Remember, you heard Cliff Lee may have a gambling problem on Phillies Bunts. This was the same time frame when he had words with Victorino in the dugout. The ball that Victorino lost in the lights hit a foot from the top of the wall, it would have been a tough play had he seen it all the way. He was out of line. There is a lot of smoke, I hope there isn't fire.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. As someone who works in a Casino, 12-15,000 isn't that much for a someone to gamble... plenty of people who have MUCH less than Cliff do that ALL the time.

  2. DB29 is on the case like Columbo.

  3. 0-5 after tonight, Cliff Lee sinks!

  4. Cliff Lee really stinks!!!