Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chances Are

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Chances Are…


BREAKING NEWS:  The Phils are winning!  BREAKINGER NEWS:  They’re on the cusp of being a 500 team.  BREAKINGEST NEWS:  They’re creeping up on that 2nd Wild Card spot.  But can they do it?
I think they can as long as the other teams in the hunt cooperate.  We always knew the Phillies were a second half club, but the hole created early on was a deep one.  However, thanks to unsung & unpaid heroes like Kratz & Frandsen the 5X NL East Champs are back to their winning ways.  Props also must be given to John ‘Don’t Call Him JMJ’ Mayberry Jr, Ty Wigginton & the bullpen et al.  Hell, even Martinez is hitting half of some of the games he plays in! The overpaid fat cats are contributing as well, but it’s the young blood that is keeping us alive.  As an extra bonus, Chooch is back off the DL which is a sweet bat to have off the bench. 


And what about Kyle Kendrick bka the Prodigal Son?  He might be the winner of the 2nd half MVP Award if there was such an award.  My man KK is a trooper that puts up with a lot of bulldish from this team.  But he’s hotter than any other pitcher on the team right now and maybe the NL.  He’s a great asset to this team and should be named 2013’s 5th starter today!

We still need to pursue a bat…preferably one that plays 3rd base.  Having Chase play 3rd is a stupid idea.  A better idea would be having him share time at 2nd with Galvis to preserve his knees.  Two weeks ago, I heard the rumor that Pierre was traded to the Cards and immediately put it up on the ‘Bunts FB page like a fool.  But I’ll gladly accept the embarrassment if it means we get to keep him & his speed.

I thought the 2012 Phillies were dead & buried, but then they started winning and I thought they might have a shot.  Then after Chipper Jones hit that walk off I thought the wind was taken out of their sails when they only came back to win the Reds series and sweep the Rockies.  I love this team in the Fall and I love this team’s chances to make that 2nd WC spot, but we’re going to need some help from the other NL teams. Hey look we’re winning games…let’s get ‘bunted!

***Editors note***** This post was original written on 9/11/12 but the Bunts mainframe shit the bed. Add the fact that CJ can't figure out how to add a picture and there you get a Buntless week. My bad. We will now resume our regular irregular posting ways. Thanks, MTG*********

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