Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hoodwink’d by cj hood
I went out with some coworkers last March to watch the first day of the NCAA tourney and enjoy some adult libations. A few hours into the outing the upcoming MLB season became the topic of conversation. It was then my friends professed to me how the Phillies would win the 2012 World Series. Being a beat writer for the most phamous Phillies blog on the planet I had the inside scoop and knew this unfortunately wouldn’t happen. I was so confident of the latter that I promised everyone in the group dinner at Ruth Chris (google it DB…it doesn’t have a drive-thru) if the Phils won it all. All I wanted if I won this wager was a 6’er of some decent Oktoberfest from each of them. Needless to say, my October morns will be spent sipping coffee while poppin’ some Excedrins. #cantwait
Moreover, when we made our predictions for the ‘Bunts blog last Spring I said:This year, I predict the ‘Nats will capture the NL East and the Phils will win the Wild Card only, again, to be knocked out in the first round. I was half right. The Phils came on strong in the 2nd half, but fell apart in a series that would have solidified that second Wild Card spot. #Houston. However, that wasn’t the case and the first half Phils reared their ugly heads deep in the heart of Texas. I also feel have they made that 2nd spot they might have made a run for it ala the ’11 Cardinals. But like the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop…the world may never know!
So where do we go from here? I already said Chase at 3rd is stupid. I like Frandsen at 3rd with Galvis & Utley sharing time at 2nd. In a perfect world, we’d be able to dump Doc and/or Howard and pick up a solid bat cuz that’s what we need the most. We can’t rely on Rollins who only gives us a good half a season or Ruiz who’s bound to get more time on the DL as he gets older. Howard straight up sucks!!! The excuse ‘give him a full off season & Spring Training with a healed ACL’ is straight up bullshit! His numbers have been going down quicker than Mitt Romney’s support. Ryan Howard has been RAJ’s worst signing! Find a gullible AL team and dump his ass and his shit contract!
I think we all know the deal with our pitching. Doc’s been a bigger letdown than the new Spiderman flick. The bullpen is about as reliable as a straw bridge. I think we should bundle Kratz & Schierholtz in some sort of trade deal for some bullpen help. But chances are Lee will be on the trading block even though he had a pretty good 2nd half. I think the starting 5 should be: Hamels, Lee, Vanimal, KK & Clloyd (assuming we trade Doc).
As I write this the Phillies are still mathematically in it, but we all know the inevitable. For the past 5 years I would grow my hair out and even trim my goatee in a landing strip ala Jayson Werth style in anticipation for October baseball. However, this tradition has now ended cuz the Phils are out and Werth is an asshole. I need to call the barber…let’s get ‘bunted!

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