Monday, July 15, 2013

Zig Zag, Up Down, Left Right

   View From the Left Coast by a Lefty:  Zig Zag, Up Down, Left Right

Heading to All Star festivities I'll admit this past week has put me on all of the emotions in my title. Taking 3 of 4 from the Gnats had a small part of me almost hopeful of 2007 happening all over. The records were similar(eerily within  a game) and the recent winning ways were almost blinding. And then came the rainout and Game 1 on Saturday. I predict that was the pit that swung the pendulum for the season. We should have won that game in the 9th, 2nd and 3rd nobody out. Yet Charlie chose to let people swing away(no surprise he loves guys who can swing and hit) instead of trying something nobody expected... SQUEEZE. He had the perfect opportunity to blindside Robin Ventura, a 2nd year manager, yet stuck with his traditional thinking and got zero for it. Maybe this is why the Phillies lead the universe in runners LOB, more succinctly in scoring position. So we end up not winning and losing 2 things in the 11th... 1) the game and 2) our hottest hitter Revere with a broken foot. Had they won in 9 Revere would be playing right now, which he's not. And I contend, as I have since 4/12, that Charlie's time is damn near done.


I truly wanted this to be a positive, constructive piece. However, I agree with Wriz it's time to sell off the people who can bring the most return that will help in the long run. I can see Chooch and possibly Michael Young to the Yankees, especially with Jeter going dormant again. But do they have enough in the farm to make it worth our while? I can see Utley possibly to the Dodgers for the same. Kratz, Frandsen, and Galvis are the immediate fill ins but Reading and the Iron Pigs have some good kids who are ready to explode. If you haven't been following either team let me suggest now you brush up, it's worth a read. If it were humanly possible to unload Howard, without having to eat more than $10MIL/year, then go for it. Many may not like this either but I've been preaching it for weeks... Papelbum to DET for Castellanos. If you can't win enough games to make the 2nd wild card why do you need a $12MIL closer? His recent exploits have also been less than stellar to boot. Yet I digress... lastly Charlie must go too.


I wish I had more knowledge to drop on you but the current state of the NL East numbs me. At this point, whoever wins is out first round. Not even the fireworks tonight can sway me. But I do have this for Cliff and Dom... Good luck in NY and have a great time. I'm glad Dom didn't get into the HR derby and can just have fun and learn by osmosis. Not sure how many more pieces I have left in me for this year when my material is so up in the air. So let's get bunted.


                                                Bill S aka/netfather

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