Monday, April 7, 2014

Color Me Hopeful

              View from the Left Coast by a Lefty: Color Me Hopeful
After CJ's post last week, I knew I couldn't come close to what he wrote. That one alone should get him Bunter of the Year 14. Besides, being so far away all I get is box scores until the season starts so that brings me to the end of Week One. Right now, we are

3-3. That is pretty much my expectations of this team this year. None of this they should be 5-1, talkin bout what is. Having a chance to see them a couple times this week I see things I like and shit I hate.
Let's start with the batting order:
Revere CF - no complaints, I love the man. Picking up where he left off, always giving 110%, thumbs up.
Rollins SS - forget spring training, Jimmy is as Jimmy does, and he does well so far. No complaints at all... did I really say that?
Utley 2B - A+, he is the man. Gives 110% as usual, so far so good.
Howard 1B - yes he is hitting, but the way he's started I still see 175-200 K's. I still want 2 weeks with him to tweak his stance and straighten him out.
Byrd RF - good acquisition, he will outplay my expectations of him. Overpaid a tad but I can live with it.
Brown LF - so far so good as well. He's guessing well to start, the HR's will come. Don't press. But whoever said he has a good arm is full of shit. Average fielder.
Chooch C - as expected will not disappoint. Almost wanted to see him in 2nd spot but don't think he can handle it. Always 110% again, good signing.
Asche 3B - a letdown so far, I can see him pressing already even though he's the starter. I love him as well but if he doesn't wake up soon gimme Franco.
As a core group Rollins, Utley, and Howard ok but remember, we're only 6 games in. Health is a whole nuther ballgame and cannot be predicted.
Bench - I like Nix over Frandsen, Mayberry solid so far, Hernandez will shine in next year or two, Gwynne is tolerable for now, Nieves I believe is an upgrade over Kratz
Cliffy - Ace
Burnett - good signing, a tad overpaid, but necessary
Cole - the X factor, our hopes ride on him
KK - still after all these years an enigma. Flip a coin as to which KK starts a game.
Fausto Carmona - yes to me he is Carmona, if only he can pitch like Fausto did.
The Cuban Fucker they signed - total wild card, no clue at this point. Why can't Cuba just let their players go when they don't want to be there?
Manship - wow could he give us a lift... if only
Wildcard for me so far. Unfortunately this has been a main problem for years. I like Lincoln, Hollands, Diekman, and De Fratus. Bastardo stil scares me. Papelbum is a POS and needs to go. Rosenberg is a step below Papelbum.
For a change this year I have no problems with base coaches or the hitting coach. Ryno and Bowa can and should do good things for this team. Just one man's opinion lol.
Don't know what else to tell you. 1 week is hardly a sample to make a seasonal decision on. But for my money I swear by the above. But what the hell do I know, I live across the country and am old school... which is why I trust Ryno. Yeah yeah, I can hear all of you lol.
Lastly, as it appears right now I won't be coming home this year for the MNG4. Fucking plane tix are through the roof. Only way for me to make it is win the powerball... which we all know will happen right after I give birth to triplets. So carry on for me, bitch at high speed to RAJ. Speaking of him, if the core of Utley, Rollins, and Howard were to go back to 2008 stats and we make the playoffs, imagine how hard it will be to get rid of RAJ then.
                                                Bill S aka/netfather

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