Sunday, April 20, 2014

expletives deleted

  ***EDITOR'S NOTE**** This was submitted yesterday 

 View From the Left Coast by a Lefty:  <expletives deleted>
Inspired by the Phils/Rockies game 4/19. I will try very hard to keep this at least PG rated, but no promises. First rant... the phucking Ole' swipe tag crap at home plate. MLB has already once called the Phillies saying they blew a call at home plate costing us a run in a crucial situation. Tonight was a blatant bullshit call saying Chooch blocked the plate. The runner was not impeded and had a clear path to the plate between Chooch's spread legs. At least 3 feet. The runner slid, the ball arrived, the tag applied and runner called out. No problem, real baseball, good call. AND THEN THE WHINING TO THE UMPS and call to NY. Called out for blocking the plate. I am this -><- close to quitting watching baseball for the rest of the season. WTF are they seeing? Why don't they hire me? SMFH.
Second rant... damnit Ryan Howard why can't you slide your feet two feet to your left and block the ground ball, instead of waving at it and having it bounce off your glove for a "hit"? Phucking lazy ass, no defense, don't give a shit play. This, on top of constantly bailing on inside pitches and rolling them over into outs, is unacceptable. That is when you're not striking out. I don't care how much he makes, sit his ass down. He gets paid if he plays or not, so play somebody who gives you a better chance(can you spell Ruf, or even Franco).
And for the hell of it, Cody Asche can't hit a wiffle ball. I love him, but boot his ass down and give someone else a shot. Whooo, the name Franco comes up yet again. Ryno the margin for error this season is slim. We can't afford to be 8-10 games out come May. If that happens I say sit everyone and blow this team up to hell. Give Stub Hub a chance to make some money because there won't be much to be made if they implode. After this piece it's possible not many people will want to read me. But at the same time they may not want to watch crap baseball either. I calls'em as I sees'em folks, and I don't see much positive other than Cliff Lee or Chase Utley(who is coming back to earth) or even Rollins. It's 4 days until Hamels pitches his first game, but by then it could possibly be a fairly long losing streak. UGH.
                                                Bill S aka/netfather