Sunday, December 11, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is JRoll Signed

All I Want for Christmas is JRoll Signed

Seasons Greetings Bunters! What has RAJ got everyone for Christmas this year? Last year, we had Clifton Phifer Lee under the tree. He went above and beyond. RAJ did something no Phillies GM had ever done. He signed the biggest free agent pitcher that was available. Remember the time Bill Giles was asked why the Phillies don't sign big time pitchers? His response was, "Pitchers break down, we don't want to commit that kind of money". Translation, "We are cheap, we are happy to spend like a small market team". Those days are, thankfully, long gone. The Phillies are now a major player anytime someone good lands in the free agent market. 

So glad to see Jim Thome back, even if it will be in a supporting role. Big Jim started it all. He was the first big time free agent to sign with the Phillies since Lance Parrish. He gave us some great years. We got to see his 400th Home Run at CBP. The Phillies started to contend for the first time in over a decade. I have heard the negatives for bringing Thome back, "He can't play the field", "He may not be a good pinch hitter since he is used to being a DH." I don't care. If the Phillies were ever going to take a chance on a guy I'm glad they picked Thome. He is total class. During this whole steroid era, his name has never come up. The guy did it the right way. If you can't root for a guy like that, who can you root for?

That brings me to Jimmy Rollins. I'm the biggest JRoll fan there is, he's my guy. Its Jimmy and the 'Big Piece' for me. I'm like those Kardashian sluts, I like me some athletic black men. Jimmy is the best shortstop this franchise ever had. He is a huge reason for this sweet run that started in 2007. He flipped the bird to the Mets to get this run going. Why no love for JRoll? When did fans start thinking of the game as a business? Everyone discussing money and years like it's their money. I want to see Jimmy flashing the leather, hitting with pop, going from 1st to 3rd in a flash.  I don't care how RAJ does it, I want Jimmy on the field playing for the Fightins. When Jimmy is doing his thing the Phillies win, pure and simple.  Isn't that what it's all about?

Keep It Classy Philly?

DB29 likes his Phillies like he likes his coffee: Black and Strong!


  1. I want him too. Problem is...if we give him what he will we have the money to get the bat we need to make this a winning season.

    Robin Lysek

    Thanks Wriz

  2. Robin...They are printing money at CBP and have been for at least 5 years. There is plenty of money. If the give the job to Freddie Galvis it will burn their butt. JRoll's D is enough for me. Sign the man.