Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Naughty or Nice?

If you or someone on your Christmas shopping list is like the Wriz, there isn’t much Phillies related items you don’t have already, but here is some last minute ideas if you’re still struggling to find that perfect Phillies gift.

For the impossible to buy for: Phillies posters and prints. They are done in military propaganda style. Pretty Bad ass.

For the Ladies: Something from the Victoria’s Secret Pink collection. They have some nice Phillies attire that’s not too manly for the ladies and not so ridiculously girly the true fans will snarl.

For the Kids (or adults with ADHD)  Get you favorite Phillies as a hand puppet. The look very life-like. In fact, the Halladay will stare right through you if you do it wong.

For someone who was an extra 5 grand in their pocket: Phillies Phantasy Camp. For $4,895 bucks you get to find out what its like to be a real pro baseball player. Well, almost. You have to pay for your own airfare, which sucks and you don’t get groupies which is a deal breaker.

For the incredibly stupid: Phillies season tickets. Nah, season tickets aren't dumb but paying $56,000 just to have the right to buy them is. It’s not even for next year. It’s 2012. and the douchebag still has the balls to charge $7.99 for shipping.

For my lawyers: Phillies Bunts Cookies. The cease and desist order has already been FedEx’d. Mother Fuckers won’t even give me a free sample and the Wriz loves cookies.

For the Phillies fan who has all the Jerseys and player tees: Dollar Dog tees from Phanatic Wear. While your there you can pick up a number of other tees including the coolest one on the planet right now the Philly Irish tee (Obviously, I’m excluding the Phillies Bunts tee). I’m told if like the Bunts and you spend over $50 you automatically get 20% off at checkout.

For the Phillies fan who needs all the on field authentics: Phiten necklaces. They have the Tornando one all the Phillies wear but I like this one much better and it’s cheaper too.


  1. I just bought "The Good The Bad & The Ugly" Philadelphia Phillies History by Todd Zolecki

    Can't wait to get started.


    Robin Lysek

  2. The Phantasy Camp experience is worth every penny. I highly recommend it.