Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End.


After watching the Phillies get smacked by the Braves again, I needed something to take the edge off. The Rockies/Dodgers game was just starting. What better way to chill on a summer's eve than to hear Vin Scully call a game? His voice is pure baseball, think Harry the K without stupid Wheels adding his worthless two cents. Scully does all Dodgers home games solo. He doesn't need help, he is a baseball encyclopedia, plus the best play by play guy in all of sports. There was a controversial call on a possibly trapped fly ball. Jim Tracey went absolutely bat sh!t crazy when the umps reversed the original call of a catch. Watching the super slow mo instant replay, Jim Tracey was right. The funny part was how Scully translated Tracey's tirade. Tracey said, "F'in horse sh!t!", Vin saw it as "Bleepin' fertilizer!". Classic Scully. I also got to see Shane Victorino end a Dodgers loss with a pop out in the infield. Ahh, the memories. I get carried away with my praise of Vin Scully. Something else during that game caught my attention, it was Fernando Valenzuela bobble head night.

The Phillies sell out streak ended last night at 257. Let's all give each other a round of applause. But, that's over now. I'm interested to see how the Phillies Promotion staff steps up their game next year. They have been on a 5 year vacation. Other than bobble heads what is the last good giveaway night you can remember? I haven't got a decent hat on Father's Day since the bucket hat, that was like 2007. WB Collectable Truck night? It's plastic and made in China. I have been to a handful of road games and got better giveaways. An umbrella at New Yankees stadium. A seat cushion and sunglasses at Citifield. A very nice replica batting practice cap at Nationals Park. A very wearable visor at Fenway Park. I have been a partial season ticket holder since CBP opened. The giveaways are lame and this year they screwed up the only decent giveaway night they have, bobble head night.
Here is an idea. Instead of having 2 bobble heads of current (or possibly traded prior to) players, how about an alumni bobble head night? The Phillies Wall of Fame night is pretty lame. What if the Phillies gave out a bobble head of this year's inductee? At this point I would rather have a Mike Lieberthal bobble than a Hunter Pence. Maybe more fans would get into Wall of Fame night with a decent giveaway. God knows no one is going to put up that lame ass print they give away. The Phillies Promotion Department should just steal ideas from other teams at this point. If the Phillies stink as bad next year at least spare me from the Charlie Manuel Baseball Tin.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. Wall of fame bobblehead? Thats actually a legit good idea. Who helped you? I think its bullshit they're still giving the Pence bobblehead away. I thought they should make a new bobblehead maybe Paps or Worley, sell the Pence bobbles and donate the proceeds to his Lets Go Eat foundation.

  2. How about Cialis giveaway? Then we'll see real heads bobble!