Thursday, August 16, 2012

That’s how I J-Walk

I understand the baseball season is a marathon and not a sprint. I get it. It’s not how I ever played or will ever play. Not baseball. Not hockey. Not fucking tiddlywinks. If it’s a competition, I’m in it to win it. This is the reason I like Chase Utley more than Jimmy Rollins. Don’t get me wrong I’m a JRoll Fan. He’s silky smooth with the leather and has an arm like a bazooka. There’s never been a better fielding shortstop in the National League since he’s been in the majors. Dude should have at least 8 Gold Gloves by now. But…..he’s stubborn with how he wants to swing the bat which I could live with…. if he wasn’t being such a lazy piece of shit!

Its all over (Facebook, TV, sports radio) today how Rollins not once but TWICE gave less than sufficient effort running out a ground ball yesterday verse the Marlins. 97.5 played the Marlins radio call of the first (lack of) effort. The announcers initially assumed JRoll was hurt but then realized he was dogging it and mentioned that “Rollins will probably be sitting down with Charlie Manuel to discuss his effort.”

Frequently when Jroll hits a routine grounder, he will not give maximum effort down the first baseline, but enough that if there is a bobble or errant thrown he’ll be easily safe. I’ve always been willing to let that slide, but this is different. It’s like he’s given up on the season. The game was still in doubt when both instances happened. I know it’s been a tough season only the SweatHogs have had a tougher year, but they still have a chance. It’s slight but still a chance. $14 million should buy enough effort until you’re mathematically eliminated. Even more important with the number of rookies and players with minimal ML experience Rollins is SUPPOSED to be a leader.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when he was called out by a fan on Twitter, he got awful cocky:

I mean he could have tried to offer an explanation or hell just ignored it, but really? Its insult to injury. Borderline “For Who? For What?” type shit. For Jimmy’s sake, I really hope it was just a bad day otherwise we are in for a long rebuilding process.

See ya at the ballpark!

Jay Wrizight

***PS-- Back to School luch bag day was cancelled after Parents made know their fear their children would lallygag to school


  1. DB29 could beat out J*Roll to 1st...if you got some Ring Dings in the mix.

  2. Throw is a Cheesesteak and I'm the white Usain Bolt!