Monday, August 27, 2012

Journey 2

Hoodwink’d by cj hood
Journey 2
Just a small town girl…livin in a looooonely world. She took the midnight train going annnnywheeeere! Is it time to put the rally caps on? Or have you ‘Stopped Believing?’ The bandwagoners seemed to have Escaped their seats at CB Park, while the Faithfully still show up with Open Arms. The only sellout CP Park will see in the near future is when the Boss hits the stage Labor Day weekend (despite what Wheels & T*Mac tell ya). On the plus side, you can get Phils tickets off of StubHub for less than $5. The only cheaper show in town is a live reading of one of Kornhole’s screenplays in Fairmount Park.
Besides tickets going for cheap…merch sales have also suffered. When I was my sons’ age it was the Schmidt, Rose & World Series era. Phils gear was abundant in my hood (2 hrs outside of Philly). Then their gear disappeared quickly when they started to stink only to make recent resurgence.
It’s also tough to write a blog about a team that’s stinkin up the joint. Doesn’t J*Roll know his pop-ups directly effect Phillies Bunts FB ‘likeability?’ The last time Diamond Girl wrote a blog Lance Armstrong was 7 time Tour de France champ. It’s tough to peddle a blog about a team that’s in last place.
But the good news is they’re back…sort of. They’re in 3rd place and few wins away from being 500. It’s tough to be excited when we’re used to them being the champs of their division. Still their recent success might mean more asses in the seats, an increase in merch sales and more love for this fine blog.
A few ep’s ago, I compared this Phillies season to last year’s Eagles where they came on strong a little too late. Their play since going Separate Ways from Blanton, Vic & Pence has been reminiscent of season’s past. Irregardless (ya, you know…) this team has been fun to watch. They’ve dominated the Gnats all season even when they were sh*ttier than a Todd Akin apology. The only team to really have their number this season has been the Braves. The Mets are more of a hot mess than Snookie’s baby and the Rockies never bounced back from those June wild fires. We’ll see both those squads this week. That’s a good thing. #amiright
I love Kratz & Frandsen #nohomo. And I like D*Brown (Not like-like, but like). They’re just a couple of kids who hunger for playing time and some MLB success. Hell, even John Mayberry Jr is bringing it! BTW don’t use JMJ when you’re talking about Mayberry. There’s only one JMJ #rundmc #rip Even the fat cat overpaid veterans are getting it done. I’m still not sold on Jimmy at lead-off, but what’s the alternative?
We know they’re not going to win the NL East, but can they make the wild card? That’s the Cliff (finally won @ home) hanger that’ll keep most of us interested until it’s mathematically impossible. Although I buried this team weeks ago, I think there might be a chance of a resurrection with the right voodoo..the right mojo. As long as they continue to phight…I will continue to watch. The bullpen is finally coming through…let’s get ‘bunted!


  1. Let's get bunted indeed! At least the games have been more entertaining, right?

  2. Except when Rosenberg's on the mound.