Saturday, May 25, 2013

View From the Left Coast by a Lefty: Dizamn

View From the Left Coast by a Lefty:  Dizamn
Get out of work early enough to watch Phils/Gnats on Friday. Feels great, no more work for 2 weeks, going home next week. Kendrick pitching, don't even cringe when I hear that now. Catch a solid internet stream with a WASH flavor with NO Wheels or T-Mac. Sounds like paradise right? Well through 5 it's a microcosm of the season. Every time we get near .500 it's bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Kendrick not throwing strikes and the Gnats getting lucky with us only 1 game behind them. Paper Chase out 2 weeks or more with an oblique strain. Phils bring up Mini-Mart. Can I start to cry now?
Even MiniMart's family cried when he got recalled
Sorry DGirl, Utley has seen his better days and this is his last year as a Phil. Howard is only a shell of his former productive self. He had 2 weeks where he hit close to .400 but now is lucky to make contact again on outside pitches that he used to feed on. Delmon Young is trying but really sucks. Michael Young has settled in to where I expected him to be with less homers. Chooch... DL. Rollins... now an average hitter with average power. Kratz solid behind the plate but shit bat. Revere should be in Reading. Dom Brown I think will improve some but basically he's maxed out on what he can do, he has no arm and slow in the field. I still really like Frandsen and Galvis, just hoping Freddy doesn't get tested again anytime soon. Nix had a run but is now bench fodder and nothing more.
The bullpen isn't worth mentioning, even Papelbum makes almost every outing an adventure. Reminds me of Lidge before he went buh bye. My head keeps coming back to the source of the problems, Uncle Chollie. He may own the most wins as the Phils mgr but 90% of that was blind luck. Made moves that the talent was able to back up but that no longer exists. Dube isn't worth a shit. When was the last time anything he said ever helped in game situations? Samuel should take all the $$$ he raped the Phils for and run back to the Dominican. Steve Henderson couldn't hit himself, how can he teach? Sandberg needs to be given the reigns ASAP so he can work his reclamation magic like he did in Lehigh. Ryno, pick me for batting coach if you want real results. Sorry, had to lol.
Netfather can do a better job than this guy
After everything above, only 2 games below .500(yes Fri down the tubes) and only 5.5 out of first. What does that tell you about the NL East? Let's say it all together boys and girls... NL East SUCKS.  Who knows, maybe by next week at the Meet'N'Greet, shit will turn around. And maybe I'll give birth to triplets too. So my prophecy for 2013 is SELL, anybody for whatever you can get. Who knows, maybe if they do they'll be competitive sometime in my lifetime. The time for serendipity for the past is gone. But what really pisses me off is I have the feeling RAJ may yet think this core can still do something. I have one last thing to say... Pat Gillick *please* come back for 2 years or so and steady the ship.
As of today, 5/24, my flight hasn't been cancelled yet lmao. Why am I laughing my flight is 5 days away. DOH. Hoping to see you all in Lot K on 6/2.
                Bill S aka/netfather

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