Friday, May 31, 2013


Hoodwink’d        by cj hood

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Elvis’ birthday…what do these days have in common?  They all are revered days of reflection deeply sewn into the fabric which is Americana.  Three years ago we added a 4th date to this honor roll.  This Sunday the Phillies Bunts community will gather to reflect on our publication’s successes in an event aptly titled Meet & Greet III:  Netfather Bill’s Revenge.  Parking lot K has become the Mecca for all things Phillies Bunts. There we will partake in oily sausage & brand-x beer frolicking with friends both old and new.  Nor sweltering heat, overpriced parking or the absence of Kurt Wilson will keep the Buntamaniacs away from this most gala of events.  And when it’s all said and done we hope that no one dies of heat exhaustion, high cholesterol and oh yeah, the Phils beat the Brewers.


Topics that might be discussed on Sunday might include the recent article reporting the disdain big Cholly has for Martinez & Young.  Our skipper feels that RAJ’s moves are weaker than DB29’s knee spin.  This is interesting cuz you know that Martinez will eventually be sent back to Lehigh, but Delmon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  So is this article legit?  I question the article’s validity because the day it dropped Young started and batted clean-up to boot.  Why would Cholly want to cause any problems in the clubhouse?  And while we’re on the subject of the 4-hole, when is ‘NL Player of the Week’ Dominic Brown going to get his just due?  Move Howard to the 5th spot and let him strike out there.  I know D*Brown’s was going to do well as soon as I dropped him from my fantasy team…it was inevitable yo!

I’ll admit that I rarely pay attention to any games outside of the NL East.  It wasn’t until I saw a tweet by Charlie Hustle himself Pete Rose that I realized how weak this division really is.



While we like to focus on the negative (lack of O, bullpen issues, injuries) the truth is we’re still in this.  However, sooner rather than later a team (most likely the Braves) is going to take off.  Splitting with the BoSox is ok, but we need to start winning series and copping sweeps before it’s too late.  Moreover, it’s time for our veterans to start producing the same the newbies are.  See you on Sunday…let’s get ‘bunted!

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