Tuesday, August 23, 2011


When it rains, it pours.
And pour it did since we last met Bunters.

It was an atypical, rain soaked/storm delayed week in the normally glorious land of the Fightins.

Halladay had a very un-Doc like outing last Tuesday, blowing a game after leading in the ninth against the D-Backs. Ryan Madson blew his second save of the season Friday night in DC, while Brad “Lights Out” Lidge hit a batter with bases loaded on Sunday, giving the series “W” to Jason Werth and the Nationals. The big league debut of reliever Mike Schwimer didn’t go nearly as smoothly as one would have hoped either.

And just like THAT…. the Phillies are now only leading the division by a lowly 6.5 over Atlanta.

The Phils continue to have the best record in baseball (82-44), and their return to form last night by annihilating the lowly 60-67 Mets definitely brightened the mood of Phillies fans. I’ve made a lot of jokes about Baseball gods this season and I think this is just another sign that this is our year: After one-less-than-stellar week, the gods brought in our division rival (sitting 22.5 games back) to allow us to get our swag back. And boy did they! You may say “well, that’s just who was next on the schedule Diamond Girl.” Bunters, in my opinion… it was written.

Baseball season is long and tedious. With 162 regular season games, it is natural for any team to have their ups and downs, no matter how good their staff is. What matters is how a team recovers after a few bad outings. Cliff Lee and the boys commanded early last night, finishing the game with a 10-0 rout. It was the kind of game they needed to bounce back from an unusually frustrating week.

Shit happens I guess. Just don’t let it happen again. We’re almost to September guys… hold onto your hats (or rain slickers). I have a feeling the NL East is about to get a little bumpy.

Pollie is back; J-Roll out with a grade 2 groin sprain. Rollins expects to return September 6th.
Clifton Phifer is currently 4-0 in August, with only 2 runs over in 31 innings. That’s just philthy.

See ya next week Bunters!

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  1. Don't worry about the Braves. Phillies clinch the NL East on September 17th.

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