Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Aggression Will Not Stand, MAN!

As we are coming off a 2 day break from our beloved 78-41 Phils, I thought I would take a moment to address something that has been irking my nerve.

Recently, a friend of mine got into an argument with their cousin on FB (what a surprise) about their Phillies fandom. My friend “K” had posted about the great game that just ended and “K’s” cousin replied with the following:

I’ve done my research, u r a new school Phils fan. Grandpop may have been a true Phils fan and u may have even watched games wit him, but what does that prove- that Grandpop was a Phils fan and u watched games with him.

While this may not seem significant to you, it was to me. Why? Well if “K” was a guy, I doubt he would have received this type of response from his cousin. However, “K” is my long time friend Kim, and I can assure you this girl knows her baseball. And she’s been a fan long before 2008.

As the lone chick of this blog, I can freely admit that at times I felt that I wouldn’t be taken seriously with my weekly articles. I tend to shy away from statistics (I HATE numbers) and my pieces aren’t typically a poetic ode to America’s past time. This doesn’t mean I know any less about baseball than any of the other writers on this blog. It just means that I have a different way of expressing my thoughts about the team and sport.

I was introduced to the Wriz, DB29 and CJ Hood through my good friend Kornhole this spring. These guys didn’t know me from any other “chick” sports fan. And while this was NOT my first gig at sports writing (I interned for the Flyers, where one of many responsibilities was to write the nightly trivia questions) I still felt that I had to “prove” myself. This may be a futile effort, that maybe they will never see me as equal as they in their knowledge of sports. I feel that I have gained a few new friends based on our mutual love for Phillies baseball and that’s what is really important in my opinion (cue the corny music, LOL).

I think the comment above really got to me because it’s so relevant to my own love of the game. My grandfather was a huge part in my understanding and passion for the game too. To be honest, I think that is what makes baseball fans so unique – that it has been passed down among the generations. Today, that means daughters and granddaughters are lining the stands in their Utley, Victorino and Howard jerseys with their dads, grandfathers, brothers… even Moms and older sisters.

I’m no feminist, trust me. I understand that men and women experience things in different ways. I’m not saying there isn’t a slightly higher percentage of girl fans who don’t understand diddily squat yet claim to be “Phillies biggest fan”. And sure, I will admit I get a little salty when I see bimbo-like chicks with their “Marry Me Chase” signs (get in line, skank) but who am I to say that she doesn’t know how to throw harder than any guy I know? Sit back and enjoy guys and girls. Everybody could use a little happiness in our lives - so why not over a great game of baseball and a beer?

Speaking of throwing… I think its time Uncle Cholly gives the Aces a break, no? Hamels went for a precautionary MRI. Initial thoughts are that he is suffering from a ‘Dead Arm’.  With the lead we have in the division right now, its time to prepare for going the distance in the postseason.

Halladay vs. Collmenter tonight… Lets go Phillies!

Have a great week!


  1. When I wrote for Korhan yesterday I was going to do it on the feuding among Phillies fans. It's seems that with the success of the Phillies that there seems to be a level of hatred among Phillies fans. And I don't mean just towards women. I keep seeing everyone say to others that they are a bigger fan, and saying I was even going to games at the Vet. I even dislike when men say that women aren't real fans, because some of the most loyal fans I've seen and know are women.

  2. If it matters, I went to my first game at Connie Mack in 1959 lol. All that means is I'm a lot older than you guys. ;)

    Bill S aka/netfather

  3. Kudos Kudos kudos! Love you Diamong Girl (and btw, great pic!) lOVE YOU 2 PIECES CD!

  4. Word DiamondGirl! There is room on the bandwagon for everyone. It amazes me that it seems like every other person you see is wearing Phillies gear. What's not to love about that? When someone says they are a bigger fan, tell them Phillies Bunters are the worlds biggest Phils fans. The rest are pretenders.

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  6. Awwww, i soooo LOVE this blog!!! Thanx 4 such a GREAT article & for defending my LOVE & KNOWLEDGE of the game!!! U know I defend & cheer for MY PHILS no matter what!!! And 2 be called a new school fan is just downright disrespectful...lol!!! Thanks again DiamondGirl!!! Love ya!!! And what a GREAT pic...lol!!! Toodles!!!

  7. I like broads that like baseball.

    -biggy Ragu

  8. The Dude abides.

  9. For the record - i think its perfectly acceptable to hate on hipster fans though (haha thats an oxymoron).

    Any dude wearing a Phillies tee with skinny jeans is simply looking for it.

    (I'm kidding... well, only sort of anyhow).

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