Friday, August 12, 2011

Super Phans!

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Super Phans!


-Don't call it a comeback...
-Minifootball coaches should show their players Whiteside's tackle so kids know what not to do.
-LOL @ Lil Giants
-Phils terrorized the West Coast like the Beiber haircut.
-and after the 16th win.....they rested.
->You know you grew up a SF Giants fan brought mace to games instead of a mitt.
-I noticed that fairweather fan Mary Hart wasn't at any of the Dodgers games.
-Is it true CBP ordered an extra crate of hotdogs for Kruk's return?
-Whiteside looks like Harpo Marx.
-Phils can’t be stopped like the Ghetto Boys!


-Class - apologizing for hitting a player with a bat.
-Wriz’ article was touching like a Hallmark card, but it didn’t cost $4.99.
-Doc, Lee & Hamels can handle the Giants in the post season....beliee dat!
-I know I've already said this, but WB Mason ads are terrible.
-Sure we lost Werth, but we did get some com-PENCE-sation.
-West Coast baseball = East Coast surfing
->You know you grew up a NY Mets fan cover up your Mets shirt with a Phillies hoodie.
-its time to retire the AT&T 'flash mob' commercial.
-Ass - plugging a player on the back.


-I don't think Lidge should make the playoff roster.
-the Pirates fell harder than the Dow Jones. 
-I thought Mattingly was going to have Larry King warm up in the pen.
-BREAKING NEWS:  Lifetime is turning Wriz’ article into a movie…Meredith Baxter 
 Birney is playing the Wriz.
->You know you grew up a ‘Nats fan if…you remember your old man saying “They’re paying Werth WHAT?”
-Is there anything better than Howard's pose after hitting a homerun?
-spent 3 hours cleaning my basement today…found my Cracked & Word Up mag collection.
-Don't bring Polanco back til the last week of Minor League play.
-Worley’s gonna be a’ight!
 ->You know you are a Phils fan if you know what it means to get ‘bunted!!!

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  1. You better watch that E-A-G-L-E-S stuff. I think The Wriz hates the Birds more than the Mets. You may be the subject of the next poll.