Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wheels Must Go!

Hurricane Irene is here and gone. I hope everyone is well. This mess ruined my normal Sunday home game routine, no tailgate, no game, oh well. The best nugget I heard during the 24/7 Hurricane coverage was "If you see a puddle that looks deep, don't try to drive through it". Please do the world a favor, if you need to be told this, by all means drive through that puddle, don't mess with 'Natural Selection'. I'm so over this Hurricane, let's move on.

How is Chris Wheeler still employed? He is by far the worst 'Analyst' in baseball. Why do the Phillies have a 5'4'', toupee wearing, non baseball playing expert on the broadcast team? We have the best team in baseball and we need to listen to this idiot game after game, season after season. When Harry was alive he made Wheels bearable. Tom McCarthy is ok, but he can't cover for Wheels like Harry did. How many times can we hear 'No Doubles Defense' before we go postal? Every other Major league team has an Analyst that actually played Major League baseball. Why are we stuck with a guy that would be the last one picked at a family softball game? I can usually tune 'Wheels' out. He said something during Fridays broadcast I can't let go.

In the 1st inning Emilo Bonifacio reached 2nd base. A ground ball was hit to Wilson Valdez at short. Bonifacio made a base running mistake and took off on a ball hit to his right. He was a dead duck at 3rd. Valdez made the right play, with a good throw Bonifacio is out by ten feet. Valdez made a poor throw that hit Bonifacio. Wheels went into his whiney spiel about Valdez making the wrong decision. How can anyone respect an 'expert' who never played baseball at any level? I can take his endless use of 'Wheelsisms'. 'Middle In', 'Pitching Backwards', 'This point is his career', etc. I have even learned to deal with his whiney delivery. I can't take his second guessing MLB players. I know Wilson Valdez is not the second coming of Honus Wagner, but where does 'Wheels' get off criticizing his baseball IQ? How does 'Wheels' know what a player is thinking? I would rather listen to Sarge talk about 'Jerking off the ball' all game then anything Wheels has to say. As little as Sarge brings to the table, I listen because I saw him play. He has my respect. We have had a bunch of former players who could do the job. Why do the Phillies stick with this guy?

The next time you are at the ballpark and are thinking of starting an Eagles chant, start a 'Wheels Must Go!' chant. If your sitting at home and Wheels says something that bothers you, call your buddy at the game. Tell him to get a chant going. If I could just hear that moron address that chant once I will die a happy man.

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. Aye Yo, you're talkin about Daddy Wheels. What does @PhilliesWheeler gotta say bout this ?

    -Notorious B.I.G. Ragu