Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daddy War-bux!

Hoodwink’d       by cj hood
Daddy War-bux!

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems


Are we in trouble next year, Amaro
Are there are any more dollars Reuben Amaro, to sign a bat
Thinking about next year, Amaro
Makes me nervous and filled with sorrow,
Is J*Roll done?

Our lineup is old, it’s cold and moldy
Howard is hurt and Madson wants cash

Ohhhhhhh. We need hitters who work the count, Amaro
Can we put our trust in Reuben Amaro,
Come what may
Amaro, Amaro, you signed Doc Amaro
And gave the finger to the Blue Jays

Is Chase washed up, Amaro
Pence kinda sucked in the playoffs, Amaro
Come what may,
Amaro, Amaro, you brought Lee back Amaro
Don’t want to go the Eagles way
Amaro, Amaro, I luv ya Amaro
But not in a homo way.

Amaro, Amaro, I luv ya, Amaro

Spring Training is a 100 some, days, awaaaaay!

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