Sunday, October 2, 2011

Violations Abound

Playoff time brings out the bandwagon. I am not talking about the quasi fans who only watch during the playoffs. I'm talking about the local media. Like the late local news, who lead off every broadcast with Phillies news. During the regular season, you would have to wait 22 minutes to get a Phillies score and highlights. Now, it's the first story every night. They have a reporter at some bar with a bunch of idiotic, screaming fans all jumping around like the morons that they are. What is it about wanting to get on TV that makes people lose their minds? The reporter ends up interviewing some people who couldn't pick Ryan Madson out of a lineup. I guess to keep my sanity I won't watch, easy enough. But one local news station has committed a 'Violation' so egregious I can't let it go. Fox 29 News has put a banner up on top of their building to count down the wins the Phillies need to win the World Series. Before last night's game they hung a huge '11' banner. WTF! Why are these 'Johnny Come Lately's' messing with my team's mojo? Don't they know anything about jinxes? What ever happened to 'One game at a time'? I was actually hoping John Anderson would fall off the roof. That would be a story I would love to see. Am I the only one who is annoyed by their ignorance? Please, no Phillies cap on top of William Penn.

On a totally different subject, why does it seem like some people attending playoff games are watching the Phillies for the first time. Or attending their first baseball game ever? There was a woman behind me that thought the game was over after the 1st inning because the Phils were down 3-0. Can't people grasp the concept that's its OK to be down early? Then I heard, "Throw strikes Halladay", after he walked Pujols on 4 pitches in the 1st. How do you explain the 'Unintentional, Intentional walk' to this nit wit? Thank God, Halladay settled in to his best performance as a Phillie. He went on to retire 21 straight batters after a shaky start. Truly amazing. Ryan Howard shut up all the doom and gloomers with a titanic blast. Maybe they kept babbling on but after Raul launched a homer of his own I couldn't hear them the rest of the game. Another point for first time attendees, if someone needs to get by you need to stand up. Why do they think my 265 pound, fat ass can squeeze by if they just move their legs? Serenity Now!

Let's end on a positive note. Charlie Manuel is a freakin' genius! He only trotted out last night’s lineup 7 times before last night. They were 7-0 in those games. This lineup is sick. He kept it under wraps for the playoffs. Brilliant. Keep doing your thing Charlie. The guy in the other dugout may think he invented baseball managing, but you perfected it. Let's hear it for the most valuable person in the Phillies organization. CHARLIE! CHARLIE! CHARLIE!

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. I don't know what to say it wasn't the best interview, actually I heard that some fans were disappointed after she talking about the teams.