Friday, October 14, 2011

the Final Countdown

Hoodwink’d             by cj hood
the Final Countdown 


25 Positive Things About the Phils Losing the NLDS:

25.  Now I can get to bed on time.     #afterwebporn

24.  My wife could finally catch up on the “Real World Challenge Teen Moms of Jersey City."     #mindlessbullshit

23.  Chooch could finish up his Rosetta Stone course on English.     #kingsenglish

22.  T*Mac will finally be able to pose for that Moobs magazine centerfold.     #selfbreastexam

21.  Cholly could now get good use out of his Ed Hardy shirt collection.     #actyourage

20.  J*Roll could be courted by other MLB teams.     #fiveyearsmyass

19.  Doc could plan his fly fishing trip with Carpenter.     #drownthefucker

18.  Oswalt could pack up his storage facility.     #acetoass

17.  Big Daddy Shane could get fitted for a truss.     #carriedoffense

16.  NetFather could start dating again.     #morewivesthanlarryking

15.  Lee could watch his buddies on the Rangers win the World Series.     #fml

14.  Ricky Bo could take some anger management classes.     #umadbro

13.  Madson could go Brink’s truck shopping.     #wererichbitch

12.  Kornhole could get his tv/radio/movie career up and running.     #dreamweaver

11.  CJ Hood could read Blogging for Dummies and post his own work     #computerilliterate 

10.  Cholly could finish up his wrist tattoo: Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard & Pence, just in case he forgets.     #f'eduplineup

9.   Blanton could finally finish those 3 sit-ups he started last off season.     #souse

8.   Sarge will be able to finish his Bangin Pootytangin’ World Tour.     #wheredawhitewomenat

7.   Wheel’s will finally get to AMS Salon to match the carpet w/the toupee.     #graypubes

6.   Amaro will get his new website up and running: 

5.   DB29 will be able to spend more time on his first love:  Bedazzling!     #diamondcrustedballs

4.   Chase could finally accept Diamond Girl’s offer for tea and roofies.     #daterape

3.   Pence could take Pat Burrell’s junior college course:  Single Guy’s Survival Guide of Philly.     #dontgetclap

2.   The offense could watch & pray the Eagles don’t win another game.     #pressuresoffus

1.   Howard’s gonna release his first cd under his hiphop name Toofer 19.     #letsgetbunted


  1. the original #11:
    Wriz could sync his MySpace, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedln. #lookatme

  2. Very nice. Who the hell took my glue gun?

  3. I pretty sure Pence does alright, in fact, his x's are virtual who who of hotties. And the edited #11 is way better.

  4. tea? im a coffee addict silly!

    one word for T Mac - EW #ijustvomitedinmymouth #truestory

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