Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Morning QB/Pitcher

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Monday Morning QB/Pitcher


-Just another Manic Monday…wish it was a Sunday (just not yesterday).
-was the Eagles playbook left in the Phillies dugout?
-U mad Tony?
-Marshall Harris called Wheels spectacular during pregame…WTF?!?
-Tony LaRussa needs to cut his Just For Men application in half.
-at least all of my friends’ teams lost yesterday.
-Lee produced more hits than Berry Gordy.
-Fire Andy Reid.
-can’t Worley pitch 2 innings in relief?
-DB29 should have farted on that ladies’ coat.
-Hey Sager…Lawrence Welk called…he needs his jacket back!
-Can someone get me a rally towel?
-at least the Yankees lost.
-I thought the Cards had a shitty bullpen?
-yesterday was the 2nd worst day in Philly history (worst day - day Will Smith was born).
-Mike Greenberg couldn’t letter in charades. 
-Karen Carpenter would have done a better job than Chris Carpenter last night.
-I had more faith in Lee than I did in Halladay….go figure.
-Michael J Fox has a more definitive strike zone than Jerry Meals does.
-at least the Cowboys lost.
-is Yadier Molina a blood or a crypt? (its so hard to tell these days)
-Howard always shines in his hometown!
-Re-sign Ibanez.
-Animal Planet would do a better job covering the playoffs than TBS.
-Lance Berkman looks like an extra from Meatballs II.
-They’re remaking the Crying Game with Tony LaRussa in the lead.
-if I got my picture taken next to Prince Fielder I’d be referred to as the thin guy.
-Yankees fans would rather see Carol Burnett take the hill in Detroit.

My prediction from last March:
I love Cliff Lee, but the Phils needed to sign a bat…not another ace.  All the Phightins' would need to do is score 3 runs/game all season in order to win a World Series.  However, with Werth gone and not a solid bat to replace him I am optimistic about any destiny being fulfilled.  With that being said I predict the Phillies will 5peat as NL East Champs, but the chances of them winning it all are about as real as Glen Beck's tears.  

-was my prediction right?………let’s get ’bunted!!! 


  1. Karen definitely would stayed away from the fat part of the plate.

  2. It's the playoffs! That old lady is lucky I didn't go Wayne Brady on her ass. You know ....slap a bitch.

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