Friday, July 27, 2012

Makin Their Way

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Makin Their Way (Original original version)

I f’ed up the other day by calling my Dukes blog “Bo, Luke & Cooter.” I should have called it “Makin Their Way.” That’s the kind of ish that bothers me. I’m listening to the Nick & Artie show online while I type this so there’s bound to be a lot of errors in this piece. BTW check out the Nick & Artie show online. It’s like Hoodwink’d: Some sports, but a lot of LOLz!

Anywho…the 2nd half monsters are back!!! #amiright. We signed Cole for too much, but I approve cuz he is proven and homegrown. Wriz weighed in on this issue yesterday in Wriz Wednesday By The Way of Thursday. But like I replied to his blog (I’m sure you all read it) RAJ created this monster, so he had no choice but to pay Hamels handsomely.


We are now 7-4 with our first 3 game sweep under our belts. However, I can’t help to compare this year’s Phils to last year’s Eagles where they dominate in the 2nd half, but still come up short. So I’ll be biting my nails all the way up to September. Irregardless
(not a real word), the Brews series was nothing short of exciting. What’s even more exciting is the trade deadline is approaching and all of sudden we have a shot at sneaking in to the playoffs as a wild card. So what should we do? I have a few ideas that I’ll reiterate but are little altered now that we are winning.

In a perfect world, we’d go out and buy David Wright, but since we can’t how about Chase Headley? Let’s dump Lee and use that cash for a bat. How about Polanco and boy-wonder Kratz for a #5 pitcher so we could keep Kendrick in the pen? Like I’ve said before, the ‘pitching wins games’ theory is a bust. It’s time to make moves and back up the Brinks truck for a young bat. Mayberry has been coming thru as of late, but I’d still like to see what D*Brown could do. While we’re talking about trades, I would not dump Victorino and Pence especially unless it’s a definite upgrade!

Moreover, when we’re running on all pistons Cholly is basically on cruise-control. However, when we’re not and he actually needs to manage he seems to fall short. Leaving Bastardo in to pitch Braun is like Kornhole going to Chic-fil-A in a sundress. So, this only solidifies the fact that we need to UPGRADE before the end of the month!

I’m not expecting any major moves by the deadline and I think we still have an uphill battle ahead of us. But, I don’t think we’re dead in the water. Am I saying we have a chance? Yes, Lloyd Christmas…the Phillies still have a chance of making the playoffs. Big series this weekend against the Braves…let’s get ‘bunted!

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  1. Waiting to see what D*Brown can do? I'm still waiting to see what Jeff Stone can do!