Friday, July 6, 2012

There’s Nothing To See Here…yet

Hoodwink’d by cj hood
There’s Nothing To See Here…yet


I wrote a Hoodwink’d on Monday (Seller Dwellars) that was so depressing that I couldn’t even add pictures to it…Wriz did that for me. It’s been a terrible June…yada, yada, know wassup! Then all of sudden, Howard’s starts hitting in Lehigh Valley (it’s Triple A mind you) & Cliff Lee gets his first win, and fans are acting like it’s 2008 all over again. Y’all acting like you’re part of an Oprah Winfrey live studio audience. Calm the f’ down kids…get a grip! We didn’t even win this series yet (it’s 1-0 us in the top of the 2nd). If we do win it’s a small step in the right direction…if we lose it’s another huge step back.

Fans are bewildered how Cole Hamels could pitch so well in this time of uncertainty. UNCERTAINTY??? He’s on the cusp of a HUGE payday…he’s not going to Afghanistan. There’s no way RAJ will pull a ‘Cliff Lee trade debacle’ again. Hamels WILL be a Phillie . A rich Phillie…with a hot wife, so stop worrying about him.

DB29 wrote an interesting piece about ticket sales and how Pinocchio McCarthy needs to stop it with that ‘consecutive sold out’ noise. Before the season started I dropped a hot dime on 5 tix behind the Phils dugout for Camp Hood (cuz it’d be the only game my kids would see this season, so I wanted to spoil them) for an Aug game when I knew Howard & Utley would be back. Now, I’m questioning that decision. But it doesn’t even matter cuz those 5 tix are now probably worth a fraction of what I paid for them. And I paid face value!!!

Word is Victorino’s gone, but what do we get in return? Who’s going to take his place? Shane seems to be the new King of Pop since MJ’s gone. He’s not playing like a guy in the last year of his contract. Is the devil you know better than the devil you don’t know? I say yes. Low ball him and don’t budge…if we lose him, oh well.

We’re used to being pissed when they didn’t sweep a series…now, we’re going ape sh*t when they win a game. Things done changed! I’m not being Debby Downer, I’m just being honest. Maybe we’ll win this series and women will be throwing their panties on the field like Tom Jones is in the house. But until then, let’s keep our team in check and stay grounded. Let’s get ‘bunted…

PS Congrats to Chooch #finally, Hamels & Pap for being All Stars…well deserved.

PSS I don’t think bringing Howard back this weekend is a good idea. Give him another series at Triple A.


  1. PSSS he only had 2 hits, let him stay. And RAJ please find a decent 3Bman for Victorino. We can find a CF in the off season.

    What's the odds on Lee winning 2 in a row? 10,000 to 1?

  2. Lee wouldn't even take that bet. #gambler