Tuesday, July 3, 2012

View From the Left Coast by a Lefty: So you say it's All Star time

Its been announced that the Phils have 3 all stars... Chooch, Hollywood, and Pap. Congrats to all three, it's hard to be recognized when you play on a JV team with others dragging you down. Is it just me or does this season seem to be whizzing by because we have nothing to cheer about? It seems like I just wrote about all the possibilities coming out of spring training and am now disgusted almost beyond words.

Are you all as disgusted as I am? Is this why DGirl and Kornhole haven't written jack? (I know better on half of it, but had to lol). I'd like to know why, after this 5-6 year run, does it seem like the only players giving 110% every game are the above named 3, along with Utley? When I played I only knew one way, balls to the wall, like them. Too bad this is what got Chase into his current situation. If I was 33 again(sigh) and were in his boat I'd prolly do the same thing he's doing, but at the same time be thankful for all I've had including the ring. After his first series in rehab Howard is 5-8, albeit as a Blue Claw but still. I seriously am hoping Doc gets right soon, giving us another player giving 110%. The rest... bah humbug.

Remember me saying if I had 2 weeks I could fix Howard's swing and help Cliff Lee get the killer pickoff move? Howard's not the problem, Lee needs a shrink... or someone to convince him to forget about the first 3 months entirely. I'm sure given the time and film, I could find out where he's fucking up, if even it's only on 8-10 pitches a game and losing concentration. Would $120MIL in your pocket tell you "fuck concentration?" I'm sure some of you will say so. I think it's something else, but can't put my finger on it. But I'll tell you this, Rich Dubee *SHOULD* be able to do that. The last quote I heard from him about Lee was something to the effect of "that's not your concern" to the interviewer. Yet, he still continues to do  jack shit to try and fix Lee. How the fuck can someone forget how to pitch, something they did their whole life?

This is my last rant on the coaching staff. Charlie has seen better days. His guessing games do not work anymore with the talent in the dugout. I think Dubee believed the hype last year that all he need to do to manage the pitching staff was to lay in his recliner and let the "Aces" sort it out and still hasn't made it out of his LazyBoy. Samuel and Perlozzo suck ass as base coaches, and have cost us at least 5 games. Go get Davey Lopes back at any cost! We've lost all our aggressiveness and leading the league in SB percentage. Damn I'm never gonna get to sleep tonight.

This started out as an all star piece, let's give props. Chooch is a no brainer, MVP type and leading MLB in batting avg by far. Why are people voting for Posey? SMH. Hollywood... 10-4 but should be 13-2 or 14-1. No support mostly but another no brainer. Pap... 19 of 20 saves for a JV team, hardly getting any opportunities. I'll save my closer rant for another time because I believe like several prominent writers that the save stat should be changed. Read a ton last week about it and it intrigued me.

So okay Bunters, where do you stand... on anything? I am having difficulty this season finding much to be pleased or happy about. Do any of you out there have any opinions at all? If so, email the Wriz, and maybe you too can grab a spot start. Hell, can't be any worse than things are right now. Let's get Bunted!

Bill S aka/netfather

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