Friday, April 6, 2012

Afternoon Delight

Happy Thursday/Friday Bunters!
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WELCOME 2012 BASEBALL!!! After a long, boring winter our boys are finally back.
The baseball Gods were kind to me as the Phillies started their season out here on the Western side of PA. If you were in attendence you may not have even noticed you weren't in Philadelphia; Throughout PNC Park, vibrant red and white shined through an otherwise dull sea of yellow and black on a gorgeous, atypical April afternoon in Pittsburgh.
The Pittsburgh fans were at the usual best - craptastic. I had NO idea that the Pittsburgh PENGUINS were out on the field against the Phillies...
"Wait DiamondGirl. What the hell are you talking about?!"
Everywhere we went throughout PNC Park, I was met met with "LETS GO PENGUINS". I was quite confused, because I thought that April 5th was opening day for baseball. Instead, i was met with their lame Pens cheers, coupled with "F*ck the Flyers". Hey, that's all fine, well and good but we're here for baseball, morons. Not that any one of them gave a shit about the Pirates. I did try to do my civic duty of letting them know they were here for something other than blowing Sidney Crosby.
Despite kicking off the season in baseball's version of hell, it was a glorious day to see Roy Halladay go 8 innings, and witnessing Jonathan Papelbon in Phillies pinstripes for the first time.
I thought I'd share a few of the creative zingers overheard from yesterday:
"Hey look! Pap-smear!" (yep, when Papelbon came out to the mound).
"Phillies suck!" (wow. i mean, really?)
"Boy I tell ya, I like that Huntingdon, West Virginia. They have a lot of stuff down there. They got an Applebee's and everything." (No, I'm so serious. I heard this).
"Chase Utley, don't be a dick." (Check the photo below of that zinger)
"This Pittsburgh water sucks. There's nothing like cold, Philly bathroom tap water right from the spigot." (ahhhhh, Miss South Philly with that one)
"Hey guys, it's cute that you actually filled the ballpark today." (my Phillies companion.This was meet with blank stares and the sound of crickets chirping)
Hope you all enjoyed opening day!!!
- DiamondGirl215
Here's a few pics from yesterdays game:


  1. Puttzburgh is the dumbest town ever.

    - el Grande Ragu

  2. the guy w/the Utley jersey is in better condition than the real Utley...

  3. I would died laughing if I heard the "hey guys, its cute..." line at another team stadium