Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i swear i'm working on something

After 2 weeks of listening to people cry and whine about how bad the Phillies are, I finally actually got to see an ACTUAL game. These West Coast trips are pretty brutal on most Phillies fans but especially on me. The Wriz gets up for work at 2:30. Thats 2:30 AM. The past week, I only got to see one game and that was when I went out to check out a new sports bar, Buffalo Wild Wings. BTW that place blows. I had to ASK them to turn on the game.  For fucks sake, they had on the Sixers and The NY Rangers games. Then, when the UFC started they took the Phillies off the Big Screen and even the medium screens, we basically had to peer into the Kitchen to see what we could of the game on the 13 inch the Dominican bus boys were watching the game on.

So, I wasn't going to miss the afternoon tilt today in the desert. Our boy, Bill S AKA Netfather, was in attendance. He picked a sweet game to go to, but I'm a little disappoined that he didn't streak across the BOB wearing nothing but a Bunts logo. Oh well, hopefully he got a pic for us wearing his bunts swag behind enemy lines.

I'm slowly working up something which I'll post tomorrow.

Hopefully, Bill comes thru like my man Dave did in Clearwater!