Sunday, April 8, 2012

Opening Day Hangover

The Fightin' Phils opened the season with a win. Halladay had to be Halladay to make it happen. We also got our first look at Cinco Ocho. Jonathon Papelbon lived up to the bill. 1-0? We will take it. You wait all winter for Opening Day, what follows? An off day. I get why it's necessary, if Opening Day gets rained out they can't reschedule it for sometime in August. It is a let down none the less. So, what is a rabid baseball fan to do when the season is so fresh and you want more baseball? Watch some other games. Unfortunately, Friday was an American League heavy schedule. As most Bunters know, I am not a fan of the American League. I am already dreading next year’s realignment. It will mean Inter League play every day of the season. Opening Day through game 162 will feature at least 1 Inter league matchup. I guess it's time to see what the American League is all about.

First game I checked out was the Yankees/Rays. How can the first game of the season last 3 hours, 44 minutes? This was a 9 inning game! The Phillies and Pirates game went 10 last night and was only 3 hours 15 minutes long. One big reason is over managing. Joe Maddon used 5 pitchers in 2 innings. Mind you, the Yankees never got a runner to 3rd base in either inning. It wasn't like his pitchers were in trouble. I know managers get paid to play the matchups to their advantage, but the American League is out of control. Also, the catcher mound visits seem to happen 3 times more often then your typical National League game. I thought Jorge Posada retired? The whole game seems like it's in slow motion. Batters and pitchers both move like Philadelphia trash men waiting for OT to kick in. It's a joke.

Some other observations:

- Albert Pujols Bobble head day is Tuesday. They didn't wait very long, did they?

- Raul Ibanez went yard and had 4 RBI's. Would a 1 year deal here been so bad?

- Mark Trumbo can't play 3rd. I guess when you give Albert Pujols a half a billion dollars he is going to play first. Trumbo had a great rookie season with 29 bombs. I see a lot of DH games in his future.

- If Bruce Chen is your Opening Day starter, I don't like your chances. The Royals will be the same old sad sack team again this year.

- Balkin' Bob Davidson calls every check swing a swinging strike.

- I think all Fox Sports stations have a couple of hot chicks that handle their social media. You can Face Book or Twitter these shanks and ask them questions. I would love to read some of the unedited ones.

Charlie gets, as Eugene puts it, 'A Laminated Hall Pass' from me. But I got to ask. Did anyone else wonder why he pinch hit for John Mayberry Jr. and not for Freddie Galvis last night?

Keep It Classy Philly!



  1. I did wonder why he pinch hitted for Junior over Galvis (Pronounced Galveese. Get it right, Tom and Wheels). Seems to me that Mayberry, after getting on base a couple of times in the first game, may be getting out his spring training slump. Galvis had a strong spring but suddenly is the double play hitman. Hmmm. Well, hopefully he will adjust and it will work out. His glove hand is great! Now he just needs to hit.

  2. Tell me I actually wrote "pinch hitted" instead of "pinch hit"? Dude, I gotta make some coffee!

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  4. Its ok Meg. You should see DB29's articles before they're proof read.

  5. Thanks for the editing Wriz. Don't let anyone know my drafts are done in crayon.

  6. Glad DB29 had some time between Bridezillas & Real Housewives to write a blog.

  7. I think that truck is on Ragu's block. Real Housewives of South Philly. Maron.

    - Raguuuuu