Friday, April 13, 2012


Hoodwink’d by cj hood

-3-3 pheeeeew….
-how’s that new baseball team working out for you Miami? #fcastro
-when I think of our bench I can’t get TLC’s “No Scrubs” out of my head.
-Wilson (Valdez duh) > Herndon
-I thought I friended the Real Housewives on FB til I realized it was just Wriz & DB29
bickering about their season tix.
-Who's on first? #notmayberry
-Francisco > Nix
-Herndon's like Cousin Oliver...when he shows up shit gets hectic.
-Pence was safe, but Pierre was out!
-yo We Should Be GMs….stop bitin my style!!!
-I disagree with Guillen’s views, but I did like the idea of a Cuban Cigar giveaway.
-go white boy! go white boy! go! #presley
-RIP Chief Jay Strongbow
-Who's on first? #notgalvis
-Santorum – 0; internet porn – 1
-who’s going to the 3Stooges movie this wknd?
-Lassie’s a better actor than Pence. #breadpeddler
-I hate when Guillen talks Spanish & Cholly talks bumpkin.
-I loved Papelbon’s Lidge impersonation last night…spot on!
-how ‘bout a slow clap for Doc?!?

-Ibanez > Pierre
-I want to make a joke about Thome’s at-bats, but I can’t.
-HK gone, but not forgotten.
-I liked Republicans sticking up for millionaires better when it went by its original name.
#stockholm syndrome
-11 could be done!
-black cats, Jason Vorhees, Braves #fridaythe13th
-Kim Jong Un couldn’t get his rocket up…it happens. #nottome
-Congrats to the Beastie Boys for getting inducted in the RnR HOF this weekend.
-every time Robin posts on FB, I’m doing a shot. #joshhamiltondrunk
-hey Ragu: you ever get Laverne & Shirley at the same time?
-Pat is retiring, but ‘the bat’ will be active until 2052.
-I’d rather see Sarge do the post game interviews.
-trade Hamels for a bat.
-anyone else catch the reference in the title of D*Girl’s blog besides myself?
-Rollins, Pence & Victorino #solid
-Can’t Chooch catch EVERY game?
-‘Howard’s wound is so deep you could stick your fingers in it’ #dramarojr
-I don’t have Flyers Fever just yet, but I do have a strange rash on my upper leg.
-email and tell her you want to see cj hood at the Comedy Cabaret.
-Mets are getting spanked this weekend….let’s get ‘bunted!!!


  1. -Kim Jong Un couldn’t get his rocket up…it happens. #nottome....Very Funny!!!

  2. Of course I have. One times, Pinky Tuscadero came over too and the four of us made some homemade gravy togeter, if you know whadda mean! Ohh!

    - American Ragu