Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ay dios mio.

The opening day/home opener hoopla has come and gone; in its wake lie a completely UNEXPECTED 1-3 record. Sunday’s bullshit ending (thanks, Herndon) coupled with yesterday’s loss with Hamels on the mound seemed to have sucked the life out of so many of our fellow fans. While it was understood that our offense was depleted, I don’t think anyone would have
thought 2012 would start off being so {INSERT NEGATIVE ADJECTIVE OF YOUR CHOICE HERE}. I think the title of this article sums up what’s going on: the Phillies are HURTING with the Big Piece and Chutley MIA.

What the Phillies have in experience, they are lacking in power hitters or solid infield play. So, where does that leave us? While I am not ready to sound any alarms, it’s not all glitter and unicorns for me this season. I have the Phillies coming in just over 90 wins this year; my guess will be 92. The silent bat issue has plagued us since last year, and we all remember how that turned out. Silent bats = early postseason exit. It’s a fact, no matter how great your pitching rotation is. Of course, pitching IS our strongest suit, and it kills me to think that the likes of Halladay, Lee, Hamels and Worley can’t get some freaking run support. And here’s another nightmare scenario to consider - what happens if one of them go down? THEN WHAT? On the positive side, I think Chooch is gonna have one hell of a year. (Side note – is it me, or did Chooch put some lbs on over the winter?) Hamels will earn that contract he’ll get mid-season… cha-CHING! I think he could be the strongest contender for the Cy Young. Yes, I remember saying that last year but I am saying it again. I think the games will be a lot less exciting than what were used to, but if the Phils can re-adapt to some small ball play, we will be OK. Coming in at 92 games isn’t the end of the world. We’ve been so, SO spoiled since 2008.

Roy Halladay (1-0, 0.00) is pitching tomorrow night at CBP against the Marlins Josh Johnson (0-1, 4.50), so I have a feeling the Fightin’s will log their 2nd “W” of 2012. It’s a start, right? Baby steps…
God I can’t believe I am saying that about this team. I almost want to punch myself in the face for even THINKING that.
No worries guys - MY Chase Utley will be ready to go if the need arises!
Have great week Bunters!


  1. They better sign Hamels today cuz if he gets no run support and the boos start coming in he won't want to come back.

    1. Hollywood won't sign elsewhere, he's too comfortable living in the Comcast building. He may use other teams for leverage but he ain't goin nowhere. Damn I wish Goldschmidt was a Phil and not a Dback.

  2. Mitchell & Ness both rolled over in their grave when they saw that cat pic.

  3. Chooch is a little pudgeball. Thanks for your thoughts Diamondgirl! Robin

  4. looks like Chooch did a lot of mangia - ing in the offseason. That's a good lookin cat, you know? Ragu has a whole clan in the alley he can hang out wit.

    -Rabbi Raguawitz