Saturday, April 28, 2012

the Philly 500

Hoodwink’d by cj hood
the Philly 500


-currently watching Doc pitch a gem. #cubiczirconia
-if the Phils lose to the Cubs DB29 is fired from the Bunts!
-Wigginton is growing on me.
-We're not in last place anymore....for now!
-that West Coast stint was like a boner....long & hard
-this year’s team reminds me of something my wife often says to me...."who are you? it's like I don't even know you anymore."
-Happy BDay to the Philly the Wriz!
-I'll take a 500 road trip with this MASH unit any day.
-ATTN: Hoodwink'd got the patent on the Phillies musical parodies...stop bitin!
-Jim Thome is tied with Dexy's Midnight Runners on number of hits.
-I've nicknamed our Little League pitching machine 'Contreras.'
-It's Sh*tty broke into Billboard's Top 100.
-the hat under the helmet look is boss! #pierre
-I watched the WB Mason commercials drunk and they're still stupid!
-Pay Hamels or trade him!!!


-Kirk Gibson looking at his binder like a 9th grade Geography student.
-I can't wait to play the ' that wrong?
-I have a feeling the Wriz will be sleeping when I send this (9:20pm EST).
-and trade Utley to an AL team for a bat while you're at it!
-J*Roll where you at?!?
-I’m 99% done with this ep and still don’t have a title.
-Newt Gingrich is like the college freshman who keeps going back to the high school
-f’ it! bring up D*Brown!
-Fans of the Phils & this blog need to reread the Wriz' piece on Cholly's managing skills...or lack there of!
-Fletcher Cox sounds like an 80s porn star.
-B*Dawk’s a class act.
-Saw Netfather Bill had some sweet seats at Chase Field...the D*Backs really know how to treat their Senior Citizens.
-Mayberry should use a broom stick for the LOLZ.
-I think the Bunts should reimburse me the $13 I paid for the app to watch that allows me to watch games on my iphone.
-DMC retweeted It’s Sh*tty…no where to go from here.
-Meet & Greet in in one month........let’s get ‘bunted!!!


  1. LOL, you'll never guess what last Wed was at Chase Field... Senior Day!

  2. Fuch the phantic, i was sleeping, and yes they do