Sunday, April 22, 2012


Watching the world's greatest baseball team has been a chore lately. Corey Luebke mows them down like Koufax in his prime. Are you kidding me? The newly acquired bench players are showing why they were bench players in the first place. Other then Juan Pierre, have any of them impressed so far? The 1-2-3 inning offense is getting old quick. Will John Mayberry Jr. drive a ball to the outfield this season? How many times will they have 1st and 2nd with no outs and not score? As 'The Wriz' pointed out earlier this week, Charlie is never going to dazzle us with his 'X's and O's' skills but come on Chuck! Pick up the phone, Charlie, call some other National League manager and ask them to explain the double switch to you. I could go Negadelphia all day. I want to touch on the biggest, nicest surprise so far.
Coming in to the season, the Phillies asked a kid who never played much above the AA level to be their Opening Day second baseman. Plus, the kid was not a second baseman but a shortstop. Seems like a recipe for disaster. Freddy Galvis looks like the best defensive second baseman the Phillies have had since Manny Trillo. Trillo made all the plays and had the strongest arm for a second baseman I have ever seen. Freddy also turns the double play like Trillo and he has only played the position for what? A few months, and that includes Spring Training? Freddy has a strong arm for a shortstop; move him to the other side of second and Wow! The kid is making great plays with the glove every night. The one bright side, the Phillies going down 1-2-3 every inning is Freddy gets back on the field to flash the leather.

Something the Phillies could use, a few quick hits.

- Placido Polanco looks shot at the plate. His bat speed looks gone.

- Not that I'm worried but can Hunter Pence lay off the fastball up in his eyes?

- I fear Michael Stutes may have been a 1/2 a year wonder.

- Kyle Kendrick may get the respect he deserves now that he is in the starting rotation.

- The Nationals look like they are for real.

- Don't let their early success fool you, the Mets still suck.

- Guillen, Reyes, Ramirez, and Zambrano? Too many hot headed hispanics to win consistently.

- Did Freddy Galvis ask 'The Wriz' permission to wear 13? I haven't seen sweet moves by a player wearing 13 since 'The Wriz' pulled a sweet toe drag.

Keep It Classy Phily!


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