Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Wrizwink'd by the Wriz
Awesome!…..I Fuckin Got Lol’d!

Its almost 20 years later but we’re still in da game. And by “we” I mean me and my boy, CJ Hood. We’ve been ball bustin friends that long. On May 4th, he lost one of his idols when the legendary MCA of the Beastie Boys lost a 3 year battle with cancer. I, too, am a huge Beastie fan. I can still listen to their albums and enjoy them as much as I did the day they came out, but there’s only one other person (my college roommate and the dude who into’d us, John Zee) who I could ever say even rivals Hood’s fandom of the B-Boys.

For me, it was a lot like the day Harry Kalas died. I felt lost. Numb. Like I should be doing something but no idea what that something is. I know CJ’s hurting so imma try to do my best to cheer him up with my LOLs

-Hood wishes he could be outside playing basketball in the rain and not get wet.

-He once got thrown out of being backstage of Beasties. Adrock is stingy with the autographs

-My man couldn’t decide on a career until the Beasties greatest hits The Sounds of Science was released. Third grade science has never been the same.

-He once drove 2 ½ straight days because he wasn’t staying anywhere but a Motel 9

-Hoodie got detention in History because every time the teacher mentioned Paul Revere, he broke into verse "Now's heres a little story....."

-Hood owns stock in Bravo #housewivesjokes

-He tried out a bunch of times for Top Chef but he only makes Polly Wog Stew

-Hood forgave John Cusack for Being John Malkovich after rewatching Roadside Prophets

-Hood has a branding of a VW emblem due to a Wildwood tanning mishap.

-His twins middle names are AdRock and Diamond. Impressive but not as impressive as convincing his teenage girl to take MCA as her confirmation name.


-Nathanial Hornblower had a better beard than Jayson Werth.

-Prince is no Cookie Puss #FudgietheWhale

-Andy Cohen has better wrists than Werth

-I got Bravo jokes too. Come at me bro!

-Charlies plan for 2012: I Don’t Know

-Its hard to Make Some Noise when you think know you’re going to lose. #CBPquiet

-Halladay struggling, Lee hurt, Hamels suspended #tripletrouble

-Is Qualls is still working for the Padres? #sabotage

-Orr and a run down? Now that’s Crazy Ass Shit

-I wish we still had Valdez and his Funky Donkey.

-Lee (Majorly) better come (back) again for any hope at postseason

-Hamels has proven over and over he’s got the Skills to Pay the Bills

The Bunts Meet N Greet is June 3rd. Its not that kinda party so keep your d!ck out the mashed potatoes…..let’s get bunted!

See ya at the ballpark!

Jay Wrizight


  1. This is the best thing ever somebody ever wrote on the internet ever. Thanks bro!

    1. Bill's expose on "Double Coupon Day @ Acme" was pretty good...but this is better.