Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meet, Greet, Repeat

Hoodwink’d by cj hood
Meet, Greet, Repeat

June is a busy time in Camp Hood: coaching Little League, my sons’ bday, my bday, Father’s Day and now the super sensational annual Phillies Bunts Meet & Greet event. So needless to say, it’s tough laying down the LOLz on a weekly basis. Last week I decided to take my first Personal Day from my award winning blog…f’ it, no one else is writing! But then the Wriz texted me Friday night asking where my piece was and I felt all guilty cuz I was raised by an Italian-Catholic mother and that’s how I roll! So in honor of a semi-surging Phightans team plagued by injuries and a surging Meet & Greet festival that has increased tenfold, I bring you a double dose of Hoodwink’d….enjoy!

-16 wins in May!!!
-all the fanfare over Halladay & Lee when it’s homegrown Hamels that’s getting the job done.
-big ups to the 76ers…now they are some real PHIGHTANS!
-continued kudos to Chooch!
-if it’s not our bats, it’s our bullpen.
-I got my kids a puppy. #FML
-don’t trade Hamels for a bat…trade Halladay!
-the puppy puked in the car after the Phils bet the Mutts on Sunday. #truestory #doubleFML
-Lou Williams looks like Dres from the Black Sheep.
-ya ever imagine a time when Kendrick would be our 2nd best pitcher?
-Phillies are dropping like the ‘Bunts staff. #DB #Kornhole #Eugene #DGirl
-if it’s not our bullpen, it’s our pitching.
-Marlins Park is selling out about as fast as a Vanilla Ice show in North Philly.
-hot weather in Philly only means one thing: Altar Boy swim parties!!!
-Wriz vs DB29 is the undercard to the Lee/Victorino match.
-Vegas has Pierre as the next Phillie to get hurt. #placeyourbets
-if it’s not our pitching, it’s our defense.
-Jrue Holiday looks like Phife from Tribe Called Quest.
-LOL @ those who think Utley’s coming back.
-lil Roy signed with the Rangers. #theirbad
-I was going to title this ep Double Fantasy, but I don’t do nudity.
-my favorite Phils blogs (besides the Bunts) are ‘Qualls Blows’ & ‘Pence Laxa Defense’
-if it’s not our defense, it’s our injuries.
-you know things are going bad when Polanco makes an error.
-that naked guy in Florida needs to eat Jon Niese’s face. #frightnight
-Evan Turner looks like my cousin. (and he’s white so don’t give me that racial bulldish.)
-we got MG2 this weekend…let’s get ‘bunted!!!

10. Wheels insisting all the females in the grill line to try his ‘hot salami.’
9. Hood arriving with a sixer and leaving with a 12 pack.
8. Prank calling Netfather Bill from the Holiday Inn payphone.
7. Robin & Kurt’s Facebook posts accompanied by Kornhole & Eugene’s rendition of Dueling
6. Playing Pat Burrell’s homemade ‘ring toss’ game.
5. T*Mac winning the wet tshirt contest.
4. Passing around a copy of Diamond Girl’s HS Yearbook and judging it.
3. Making fun of Is It 7:05 Yet? blogging techniques.
2. A win over the Marlins.
1. Getting put on the DL list!!!! #drunkandloaded


  1. ROFFLMAO, nice Hoodwinker. #ILikeNumber8Best

    As usual great graphics Wriz.

  2. Diamond Girl 215June 1, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    Ok I know ive dropped the ball. I KNOW.
    I am truly sorry. I know everyone else is just as busy as I am so there is no excuse for my slacking.

    However... Pls dont fuck w my hs yearbook. thats so mean.

    Have fun at the meet amd greet guys, ill be there in spirit. Unless someone has Skype in their phones?

  3. T*Mac in a wet tshirt. I just puked my dinner. See ya Sunday!


    Will be prepared to fb

  4. I haven't decided which to hit The Wriz with, the Camel or Cobra clutch....Either way he's tapping out. See you Sunday!!!

  5. I haven't decided which to hit The Wriz with, the Camel or Cobra clutch....Either way he's tapping out. See you Sunday!!!