Friday, May 4, 2012

Journey > Destination

Hoodwink’d by cj hood
Journey > Destination
I’m starting to write this week’s ep early (it’s Wed morn) cuz last week I procrastinated, plus I had a field trip to go to with my sons and Hoodwink’d didn’t get done til Friday about 9pm (3 hrs past Wriz’ bedtime). Then I copy & pasted wrong and had to have the Wriz fix some stuff which is like asking my 7 yr olds to clean their room à half assed production. So this week I wanted to come correct for the 328 Buntamaniacs out there!!!
This season I find it challenging to deliver the LOLz cuz of the current state of our team. Saturday, the Wriz texted me (cuz he’s uncomfortable talking on the phone) to ask if my cable was carrying the game (see It’s Sh*tty) and then ‘I cried in my beer’ at his expense on how bummed I was over the current situation. Then he told me Thome was hurt and Howard soon would be in Clearwater (maybe w/Utley) and I felt a little better.
Then the Phils split with the Cubs & won the first game with the Braves and I was excited. I know I need to stop being negative and Start Believing again…
Just a small town fan, living in a 500 world
She took the Broad Street line going to CB Park
Just a city boy, born & raised in South Philly
He took the Orange line to CB Park
forget it….you get the idea. If I write anymore We Might Be GMs will steal it.

But Don’t Stop Believin kids. We have 12 wins (13 now) and the best team in baseball has 17…so it’s not that bad. But then again it’s only Wednesday. If we roll into DC after losing the Braves series then all this happy horsesh*t is all for not. (5/4/12 @ 8:42am: we won that series yo!) But let’s not think that way kids. Don’t Stop Believin….hold on to that feeeeeeeeeeeeeeliiiiiiiiiin’.
Anywho, this week instead of the regular LOLz, I’m decided to go with a Top 10 list ala David Letterman. So, lets run it up the flagpole and see who salutes….

Top 10 Reasons We Should Be happy With Our 2012 Phightans thus far:
10. We have Papelbon and not Madson, Lidge or Rivera.
9. Fat Joe’s strict diet of Captain Crunch & Ring Dings is finally paying off.
8. The bench is finally coming thru. #Nix #Wigginton
7. Pierre’s speed.
6. Pence got his bench press up to 5 baguettes.
5. T*Mac’s man t*ts and Wheels’ sh*tty wig could put a smile on anyone’s face.
4. Bunts’ Meet & Greet II is weeks away.
3. Howard’s headed to Clearwater.
2. One word: CHOOCH!!!
1. Vanilla Bryce is going to get ice’d, ice’d baby this wknd….let’s get ‘bunted!!!


  1. Where is everybody?


    1. The Wriz was upset he got bashed, DiamondGirl is now writing for Gossip Girl, Kornhole is at Woody's and DB29 quit. Rags, interested in a pro bono job?

    2. I'll have something tomorrow, possibly today.

  2. My back hurts from carrying this blog.