Friday, May 11, 2012

In A World Gone Mad

If you read the Wriz’ award winning piece on Wed then you’ll have some idea on what this Hoodwink’d will be about. BTW, big ups to the Wriz for the love in that piece. I weeped like that Indian who cried over pollution…for realz! So anywho, about an hour after I emailed last week’s blog to the Wriz I got a text about the passing of one of my heroes Adam Yauch bka MCA of the Beastie Boys. In 1986, 13 year old boys wanted to be Michael Jordan or maybe even Michael Jack, but I wanted to be a Beastie Boy. I went to my first Phillies game (at the Vet) in ’87. We spent the day in Philly where I bought my first Beastie Boys tshirt. Like Ice Cube said….it was a good day.

I don’t want to spend this whole Hoodwink’d talking about Yauch, but f’ it how many bullpen or Orr jokes can I make? I follow 3 groups of people on Twitter: Comics, old school mc’s & Philly’s sports heads…and all 3 gave Yauch props. Even Big Daddy Shane paid his respects. I met Adam on 2 occasions where he was both gracious & chill. It was almost like talking to an old friend. MCA, along with Adrock & Mike D, changed the way my generation walked, talked, dressed & shaked their rumps! Sure Adam Yauch fought for his right to party, but he also fought for Tibetan’s rights, women’s rights & overall human rights. I will miss his raspy voice, his witty rhymes & his spirit. Rest in peace friend
Now from a hero of hiphop to a field full of (flip) flops:
Hoodwink’d by cj hood
In A World Gone Mad
-BREAKING NEWS: Meet & Greet II has been changed to Lehigh Valley…go Pigs!
-bullpen? More like a pigpen.
-the last time DB29, DiamondGirl & Kornhole wrote a blog the Phils had a winning
-there’s a reason why Orr plays Triple A.
-Net father Bill’s favorite white mc is Snow.
-Gregg isn’t the only thing Gross about this team.
-I think our lineup needs to start doing blow. #hamilton
-you think the aces are pissed or just happy to be paid?
-trade Contreras for a snow cone machine.
-gotta give the Mets props on coming out to Beastie trax last Friday.
-u mad bro? #werth
-Obama backs gay marriage while Romney won’t even let the Franklins in his wallet
touch each other.
-Madson & Lidge (in their current state) > Kendrick & Qualls
-Trading Places 2 starring the Phils & Nats.
-the only thing funnier than Hoodwink’d is the Phillies record
-I respect Cole Hamels now more than ever.
-word is MLB has asked our bullpen to pitch 2012’s Homerun Derby.
-ya think T*Mac LOLz to himself when he announces the Blue Cross ‘Player of the
-the best team in Philly right now is the Local 107.
-Charlie had a meeting….oooooooooooh things are really gonna change now!
-the Phils didn’t lose yesterday….let’s get ‘bunted!!!