Thursday, May 17, 2012

It’s Always Shady in Philadelphia

It’s Always Shady in Philadelphia

If you’ve been a longtime reader of the Bunts, there are two things you should already know. This Wriz always thinks the worst and this piece has nothing to do with McCoy because the Wriz doesn’t give two fucks about football.
Qualls? Hold on. I need a drink!

From time to time, various Bunt bloggers have mentioned StubHub in both positive and negative ways. The Wriz feels StubHub does have its place and gives fans an easy way to both buy and sell tickets. Most people complain about the prices, but if you didn’t wait until the last minute or made an effort when tickets went on sale you coulda just bought them from the Phillies yourself.

Let’s face it; most people who post tickets on StubHub are merely lazy scalpers. They get premium prices for premium games and then take what they get for the midweek April games verse lousy teams. Nobody complains when tickets are going for less than $5 like they were for the Astros series earlier in the week. The fact the seller on StubHub are the ones taking all the risk is why I can stomach the over inflated prices. They buy the tickets in advance so when there’s crappy weather, the team stinks or any other reason Joe Schmoe found not to go to CBP, they (the seller) take the loss.

But what if someone was able to list tickets with no risk whatsoever?

Who might that be? How about the Phillies themselves? Think about it. For the past month, tickets for the Red Sox Series have been sold out. No way to buy them. Not as part of a 3 or 6 pack. Not thru group sales. The only way to buy them was thru a third party sale. So in essence, the Phillies could have put their single game tickets on StubHub for 2, 3 or even 4 times face value. Whatever sold, they banked over and above what they could have sold through the box office. Now that the game is getting close they have “newly released tickets.” Or I’m thinking “what didn’t sell on StubHub.” The Phillies Box Office is shady as shit!

I’m guessing the Phillies would say something to the effect they hold tickets for the visiting club and MLB officials. I’m I expected to believe the Phillies are going to hand Bud Selig or Mrs. Pedroia a standing room only ticket? Those tickets would have been sold out in a day had they been available for sale in March.

I’d hate to see the consecutive sellout streak come to an end but I will laugh my balls off if it came to end on a Sunday game verse the Boston Red Sox no less.

See ya at the ballpark!

Jay Wrizight

Sox Fans

P.S. if I’m wrong, John Weber, come at me bro!

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